10 Ways To Save Money

We've put together 10 top tips to make motoring easier on your pocket.

1. Check your tyre pressure
Correct tyre inflation means less fuel consumption and safer driving. Under inflated tyres mean more tread touching the surface of the road increasing resistance. This means you need more power and therefore spend more on fuel.

2. Make your car lighter
The more weight you have in the car the more fuel you’ll use. Think about taking out some of those unnecessary items you might have rolling about in the boot, or the golf clubs you only ever use at the weekend.

3. Regularly service your car
Over time parts in your car will wear out and become less efficient. Having you car regularly serviced helps keep your engine as efficient as it can be.

4. Plan your journeys
Combining shorts trips to the supermarket with dropping off the recycling will mean travelling less miles overall, and also less cold starts (which use more fuel). Also think about the time of day to avoid congested times and areas.

5. Take off the roof rack
If you’re not using it then take it off. Roof racks and boxes increase resistance so you’ll use more fuel when they are on. If you need to use one then putting a little less weight in will also help.

6. Slow down
We’re all in a rush but slowing down can help save you money. Driving at 70mph instead of 50mph can cost up to 25% more.

7. Keep an eye on the traffic
Looking a little further ahead and try adjusting your speed to the traffic rather than braking hard.

8. Avoid racing away from the lights
You'll guzzle the fuel and may not get to where you're going any quicker!

9. Drive in the correct gear
Changing up gears earlier can give you much greater fuel efficiency. Driving at a lower rpm will use less fuel than driving at a higher rpm at the same speed. Individual vehicles differ but try changing gears at around 2,000 rpm in a diesel car or 2,500 rpm in a petrol car.

10. Turn off unnecessary gadgets
Things like air conditioning, heated seats and heated windscreens all increase fuel consumption so only use them when you need them. If it’s a hot day consider rolling the windows down at lower speeds and using air conditioning at higher speeds where open windows will create more drag.

Finally, you might want to consider buying a newer more fuel efficient Eco Car. Moving to a much more modern and fuel efficient engine or even better a Hybrid or Electric Car will save you money in the long term on our fuel costs and road tax offsetting the upfront cost of a new car.
10 Ways To Save Money