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Total sales for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for 2014 were around 40,000 units. Although they drop in the ocean compared to the total market, we can expect to see increase the market share for plug-in hybrids.

Audi enter the market with a revamp classic A3 as part of their e-tron range, with the Audi A3 sportback e-tron. Unlike other manufacturers like BMW with the i3, rather than creating a brand new concept, Audi have cleverly taken an existing best seller, the A3 and produced the e-tron plug-in hybrid version.

Audi opened a pop-up store in January 2015 in the London Westfield shopping Centre, Stratford, to showcase this HEV to shoppers, the national rollout to Audi dealers across the UK took place in mid-January 2015, so the next few months will give us a sign to how successful this car will be.

The A3 e-tron officially went on sale in August 2014 across Europe, two years after its unveiling in 2012, but showing signs from initial sales data of being a very popular HEV. By July 2014, Audi already had 105 dealers e-ready across Germany, with around 500 dealers across Europe selected to sell its vehicle for a basic price of around 38,000 euros, not taking into account any government incentives.

Audi believe the e-tron marks another big step’s towards sustainable individual mobility. Audi dealers only had positive responses to the A3 sportback e-tron when it went on sale, each one, showing that the combination of efficient drive technology and a sustainable energy source is really what the market is looking for.

Dealership employees have received special training in sales and services, relating to the electric vehicle market. Audi is providing training to around 2000 sales, service and used car employees from all over Europe at their training center in Munich. Additionally 300 German high-voltage technicians and service advisers from Audi will be taking additional training courses.

Going forward every e-tron dealer will have at least one charging station for use by customers, this will form a beneficial addition to the current and existing charging networks Audi are offering additional services in line with the sales of the vehicle, to look at customers infrastructure at home and ability to offer home charging solutions for e-tron customers.

In the forthcoming months we should see some figures released by Audi that will represent orders for this vehicle, and give us some indications to the sales and success of the Audi A3 e-tron.

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