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Electric Vehicles (EVs) are available from more and more car manufacturers, including Nissan with the Leaf and BMW with the i3, you also have the Renault Zoe. They are cheaper to run as you only need to charge them and have no emissions so they are good for the environment. When fuel cells are charged emissions are created at power stations, but they are much less than the emissions compared to conventional vehicles. Most of the drawbacks come from the battery technology, although far improving with vehicle such as the Tesla Model S able to drive over 250miles per charge. The batteries are expensive but are mostly guaranteed by the EV manufacturers through extended battery warranties. Most EVs have a limited range per charge around 100 miles; they can take several hours to recharge depending on charging techniques. For people who travel shorter distances and do lots of urban driving EV’s are perfect for you and will save you on fuel costs and road tax.

Top 10 Ranked Electric Cars by Fuel/Electricity Cost per Mile

1st Renault Twizy 1.2 p/mile

2nd VW e-Golf 1.06 p/mile

3rd Chevy Spark EV 2.20 p/mile

4th BMW i3 2.32 p/mile

5th Smart Electric Drive 2.50 p/mile

6th Mitsubishi i 2.60 p/mile

7th Tesla Model S 2.66 p/mile

8th Nissan Leaf 2.87 p/mile

9th Kia Soul EV 2.90 p/mile

10th Ford Focus Electric 3.15 p/mile

Electric cars 10 ranked in terms of ther range

1st Tesla Model S 320 MPCg

2nd Kia Soul EV 93 MPCg

3rd Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric 84 MPCg

4th Nissan Leaf 84 MPCg

5th VW e-Golf 83 MPCg

6th Chevy Spark EV 82 MPCg

7th BMW i3 81 MPCg

8th Ford Focus Electric 76 MPCg

9th Smart Electric Drive 68 MPCg

10th Mitsubishi i 62 MPCg

Compare the cost of electric vs petrol or diesel cars.

Find electric cars for sale near you, Find out more about other fuel types and green cars.

Uploaded on Sep 27, 2011

Former Minister Norman Baker gave a video address on how the Government is supporting electric vehicles at EV2BE: 'Electric vehicles and their integration in the built environment', an event organised by BRE Group.

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