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Over the years, BMW has evidently managed to set their standards for altitude and speed. The BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) is a German owned company that specialises in the production of luxury automobiles, motorcycle and engine manufacturing.

BMW is one of the world’s best-selling luxury automakers. The BMW i5 is a much hyped luxury machine which is slotted to merge the rift between the i3 and i8 and it could make its debut as early as early 2018. With the BMW I mobility concept, each day’s drive can 100% electric and a source of comfort before, during and after each drive. The 2018 BMW i5 is out rightly the most aggressive and its plot for unveiling plug-in electric driven cars in several segments in its brands is a solid addition. The i5 will be as spectacular in design as is i3 and i8 brothers, and it will still spot the butterfly doors.

What is the BMW i5?

As we all know from the previous BMW models, consumers never get disappointed with the features of this car. The BMWi5 will be an improved sports sedan that will have a long range of electric power. BMW had tremendous sales with their all-electric BMW i3 and the plug-in hybrid BMW i8 and it is expected that this top of the range car will only mean better results.

The luxury maker has realised that the electric vehicles provide a superior driving experience as far as there’s enough range for people’s needs. Important to note is that an electric vehicle like the i5 has fewer moving parts than a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. Furthermore, most maintenance costs when using an internal combustion engine are done away with; this saves you some money which is something we all strive to do.

Will the i5 sell?

BMW says “More than 80% of the BMW i3 buyers worldwide are new customers to the BMW group.” This was BMW’s first electric car and it was a worldwide success. The i5 will be a new line of automobiles, an improvement of the i3 and is likely to attract clientele to the brand, one that will not only increase the sales but also serve as a flagship of the brand. The i5 will embrace a very attractive design but still not at the sacrifice of the comfort of the user.

BMW i5 is rumoured to be a lengthened or stretched i3 or a sedan; the two are possibilities that will become an i5. BMW chief of marketing categorically states that the i3 sales have consistently grown 60 percent year-over –year and it’s the best-selling electric vehicle in the world. It is expected that the i5 will house a larger battery pack which will mean more driving range. The i5 could have larger tyres than those used by the i3 to increase the ultimate performance and comfort.

One of the anticipated releases from BMW is the 2016 BMW X5 xdrive 40e plug-in hybrid sports utility, a bold addition to the top range automobile. The i5 sedan is however rumoured to possess much more increased capabilities than this 2016 X5. This serves to point out the superior characteristics we expect from the i5 and this would mean a better machine as compared to the already very good machines BMW produces.

It is said that the i5 will be a plug-in hybrid using Bimmer’s new edrive technology, bringing together a 218 horsepower gas engine with two electric motors. When there is synchrony of the three, total output is an exceptional 640 ponies, giving that extra energy to the automobile.


What’s exceptional about the i5?

The BMW i5 can almost be predicted to be a success story as it will combine its being an EV worldwide with an optional range extender. It will therefore meet the needs of demanding target groups who most certainly combine an appreciation for sustainable movement with an urge for a driving experience that is both intricate and rich in emotional perceptive. Its intended progressive design, super lightweight build, ground-breaking systems and the creative connectivity will only open up a new group of buyers to the BMW group. Its lightweight won’t only be important for range and speed but also provide a much comfortable ride.

The drivetrain is more likely to take the hydrogen fuel cell systems path, a technology that is still so potent. Using hydrogen fuel cells to power electric motors offers BMWs the kind of power and performance their clientele are accustomed to with marvellous efficiency. Pure battery-powered electric vehicles are characteristically used in short distances but the technology will provide an instant solution for those interested in high driving ranges with negligible emissions. The ultimate result is an exceptional dynamic driving experience – with extremely merger consumption and carbon (IV) oxide emissions.

It is expected that the i5 will have a larger battery pack in the under floor and this will ensure that the BMW i5 will sit somewhat higher than the i3. It will be an expansion of the e-mobility that will give the chance for transition towards electric vehicles. This new advancement is likely to arrive in 2018. With its lengthened build comes a new side profile with a four-door system. The front region will assume most of the cues from the i8- sleek headlights, shark nose and increased curtain sizes.


The i5 is still under development and the specific details and exact information have not become apparent, however the i5 is expected to host progressive characteristics and body styles as described by the German magazine Autobid’. It is quite exceptional especially due to it being an electric vehicle; there are buyers who only want an all-electric car. BMW common with the slogan The Ultimate Driving Machine’ will definitely not fall short of the same in the production of this all new machine. The least we expect from the i5 is a plug-in hybrid that combines the merits of electro mobility and the creative engine technology.

An i5 would be an awesome jumping off mark for BMW to recruit new and old clientele over to electric motoring. I am greatly convinced that the future must start with the i5, and it is expected that it arrives anywhere in 2018.

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