Car Road Tax Eco Car Banding For Low CO2 Vehicles 2015

Low CO2 eco cars- tax bandings 2015/2016

Economical cars road tax banding’s are shown below, these include all alternative fuel types including electric, hybrid, hydrogen, LPG and other eco ars. The eco car tax bands are valid from 1st April 2015 and to 31st March 2016. All of the car tax bands are up to date and with the guidelines from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The table shown is for already registered vehicles.

At we are dedicated to helping prevent harmful pollution caused by CO2 emissions. Because of this we only advertise vehicle on our website that fall within the tax bands A to D highlighted in green on the table below. So if you are looking to buy a eco car from us then you can be sure it is under 130g/km CO2 emissions. If you are looking to sell a car and are unsure of your tax band, then you can look in the vehicle log book to find out. Alternatively you can use our VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark) lookup and that will automatically tell you if you have an eco-vehicle. Follow our car tax page for further details on car road tax.

TAX BANDS CO2 EMISSIONS (g/km) 12 MONTHS TAX ( Hybrid, Electric, Hydrogen, LPG, Other 6 MONTHS TAX ( Hybrid, Electric, Hydrogen, LPG, Other
Band A
Up to 100 £0.00 £0.00
Band B
101 to 110 £10.00 12 Months only
Band C
111 to 120 £20.00 12 Months only
Band D
121 to 130 £100.00 £55.00
Band E
131 to 140 £120.00 £66.00
Band F
141 to 150 £135.00 £74.25
Band G
151 to 165 £170.00 £93.50
Band H
166 to 175 £195.00 £107.25
Band I
176 to 185 £215.00 £118.25
Band J
186 to 200 £255.00 £140.25
Band K
201 to 225 £280.00 £154.00
Band L
226 to 255 £480.00 £264.00
Band M
Over 225 £495.00 £272.25

As you can see that it pays to purchase a lower tax banded car. These cars are not slow or boring; they are more economical and a lot friendlier to the earth’s atmosphere with less CO2 emissions being omitted.

You can find many economical vehicles here.

Car Road Tax Eco Car Banding