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Electric or hybrid cars use one or more electric motors and electrical energy to propel the car. This electrical energy usually stored in batteries, gives the hybrid or electric vehicle a powerful torque. This creates a powerful, smooth and a quieter acceleration unlike in petrol propelled cars.

Environmental concerns have been raised in great economies for example the USA, where there are high cases of greenhouse gas emission. Vehicle manufacturers have seen the need to design and make vehicles offering low cost mode of transport while also conserving the environment issues from pollution. Renowned car manufacturers for example Tesla Motors and General Motors have ventured into the designing and manufacturing of these electric cars; making the Tesla Model S and Chevrolet Bolt respectively.

Performance of Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is said to be unveiled in March, 2016, according to Elon Musk, Tesla Motors C.E.O. The car is smaller compared its predecessor, Tesla Model S but is said to be a bit costly and this is due to the additional features that it comes with. Tesla is said to be of sports model. This will offer drivers a sportier drive while meeting targets like time and fuel efficiency in any short trip.

Tesla Model 3 has a massive lithium battery that can go for more than 200 miles without being charged. Its engines have a high power delivery making the battery offer a quick bust into acceleration. However there are ongoing tests to meet this target using 50 kilowatt-hours. Its batteries require charging when they are depleted. In 2015, Tesla Motors installed more than 2000 superchargers across the different states in the US to help in recharging Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Motors faces challenges in meeting the low-cost-car target. According to Elon Musk, Model 3 has to be low cost electric car and this may prompt the car manufacturer to come up with a car that easily hits the 200 mile target but with minimal features.

Chevrolet Bolt

Set to debut in 2017, the Bolt is seen to boost Chevrolet’s eco credits in the USA. In addition, the Bolt is set to rival Tesla Motors, Tesla Model 3 in offering the 200 plus miles-battery power till its next recharge. It is also set to go for slightly more than $35000 in cost with tax inclusive, which is being offered for a Tesla Model 3. However, its production is set to begin towards the end of 2016.

Chevrolet Bolt SIDE VIEW

Bolt’s batteries are manufactured by General Motors’ partner, LG Chem based in Korea. It also manufactures the alternate current drive electric motor used in the Bolt. Both the motor and batteries are then shipped to GM’s assembly plant in Michigan. A final unit of the Bolt has a battery pack of 960 pound installed inside a steel and plastic casing. They provide the car’s total torsional rigidity. There is a coolant circulated on the bottom of the cells that ensures batteries do not overheat when in use.

Any electric car puts the owner in charge of its battery power and efficiency. Bolt EV is not an exception since it has a 240-volt power unit. This makes it easy for owners to just plug in the power cable to charge the Bolt. In addition, the charging unit charges the car faster as it has a standard location charging feature, making owners charge the Bolt at home after customising its charging settings.

In order to charge the Bolt faster, owners will be required to use the 240-volt charging unit. This high voltage unit can go for up to a 25 mile range per hour while replenishing the battery in 9 hours. Valuable information about the lithium-ion batteries is displayed on a 10.2 inch screen that is located on the car’s dashboard. Here, owners can see the battery levels, charge settings while also setting the climate settings in the car.


The screen also doubles up as a navigation and entertainment tool. It has the Apple Car Play where one can use their iPhone to access music, contacts and maps during the day and night. Android Auto also allows Android users access their desired apps, maps and playlists while driving.

Bolt EV has been shaped to defy all wind resistance. It has a sports look, making wind flow from the front headlamps to the rear wheels. It’s made from aluminium, making it a light weight car. Nothing holds the car from propelling forward as it has progressive side proportions.

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Chevrolet Bolt For Sale