Why buy economical cars with high fuel economy and high MPG.

Why buy economical cars?

Luckily economical cars save us money through fuel costs, and road tax, while also saving the planned by being green cars that have reduced CO2 emissions and produce less pollution. Even with fuel prices dropping slightly in early 2015, the high cost of oil is a major concern to millions of people worldwide. Many new car buyers are turning to more economical cars, that are available in a range of fuel types to try and save some of their hard earned cash.

Fuel economy is tied in directly with MPG and CO2 emissions. A model with good fuel economy will save you money as it will travel longer distances on less fuel. You will also spend less time filling up at the fuel stations. Based on pure petrol and diesel fuel economy, we have listed our top 10 petrol/diesel economical cars below.

Top 10 Economical Cars

  • 1.Peugeot 208 1.6 BlueHDi – 94.1mpg
  • 2.Peugeot 308 1.6 BlueHDi 120 – 91.1mpg
  • 3.Volkswagen Polo 1.4 TDI Bluemotion – 91.1mpg
  • 4.Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi - 88.3mpg
  • 5.Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi - 88.3mpg
  • 6.Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion - 88.3mpg
  • 7.Hyundai i20 1.1 CRDi BlueDrive: 88.3mpg
  • 8.Skoda Octavia Greenline - 88.3mpg
  • 9.Renault Clio 1.5 dCi - 88.3mpg
  • 10.Ford Fiesta Econetic - 85.6mpg

Although these are some of the most economical vehicles to buy, you still need to consider how much per year you will spend on fuel, use our fuel cost calculator to see how much you can save. You may be financially better off buying a less economical vehicle that has a cheaper purchase price. If you travel only short journeys, a diesel car may not be the best option for you as they need to be run for longer distances where possible, to keep running right and remain fuel efficient. If a petrol car is also not suitable, consider hybrid or electric cars.

The official fuel economy figures above are based on the manufacturers tests, and in the real word are not always achievable as these tests are generally done in optimal conditions with optimal driving techniques. Generally a higher manufactures MPG will result in a higher real world fuel economy, so the figures are use full as a guide.

The above economical car list does not focus on hybrid or plug-in hybrid cars, our top 10 hybrid car list can be found here. We’ve concentrated on conventionally combustion engine petrol or diesel cars as they are often much more affordable than EV’s and PHEV’s.

We have furfur details on the best electric cars available here.

Things to take into account for the best economical cars

Small city cars are suitable for short journeys and commutes and ideal for urban areas. But due to their size, they are often cramped and not suitable for longer family trips. Check the boot size is sufficient to accommodate your luggage and or shopping requirements.

Diesel engines, sometimes have the highest MPG economy, however are not suited to shorter trips. They are ideal for motorways and duel carriage way traveling. Petrols are great for short distances, but on longer journeys are not as fuel efficient as diesels. Petrol engines are nosier and rev higher than diesels as they work on ignition, while diesels work on combustion. Diesels tend to be slightly more expensive to refuel, and usually are more expensive to buy. Think carefully about what type of vehicle best suites your requirements.

Other good economical vehicles outsider our top 10

The Ford Fiesta just scraped into our top 10 with a fuel efficiency of 85.6mpg, however we have another two vehicles with the same MPG that just missed out on our top 10. They are worth considering and will be cheaper to run than a lot of other cars on the market.

  • SEAT Leon Ecomotive - 85.6mpg
  • Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi 95 stop/start: 85.6mpg

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