Fuel Type Hybrid Electric Cars- low tax band HEV’s

Hybrid Vehicles (HEV’s)

Using conventional combustion engines combined with electric motors, hybrid vehicles feature the best aspects of both formats. The additional torque of the electric motor allows a smaller more economical petrol engine to be used, while performance is still achieved. This reduces the CO2 and other emissions from the vehicle reducing pollution. Some hybrids can operate solely on electric motor for short distances around 20-30 miles, this allows a large number of journeys to be done producing no tailpipe emissions.

A number of hybrid models are available in the UK we have selected a top 10 hybrid car list. The hybrid drive system can be used to reduce emissions, while also improving performance over models with a similar sized combustion engines. In addition to hybrids, there are plug-in hybrids available too.

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Fuel Type Hybrid Electric