Mitsubishi I-MIEV UK- Plug-in Electric Car

All About The Mitsubishi I-MEV Electric Car

Mitsubishi i-MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle) has totally brought a whole new level on how the world drives today with cars that are not only clean and eco friendly but also quiet. This car is 100% electric offering great power, smooth and most interesting a quiet ride. You cannot get any greener than this! By the 2014 32,000 i-MiEV family cars have been sold worldwide with japan being the leading market with over 10,000 i-MiEV being sold. Find a Mitsubishi i-MiEV for sale near you.

Mitsubishi I-MEV Electric Car

Five power companies were involved in fleet testing, and found out that the car had a range of 130 kilometers for the 16 kW/H lithium-ion battery and range of 160 kilometers for the 20 kW/h battery pack. The battery has a cooling air system, where air is forced to avoid overheating during high charges and during discharge rates that can damage the battery. The pack also has an internal fan and when faster charging is required, the pack is cooled with refrigerated air from the air conditioning system of the car.


Engine type Y51 Electric Motor
Fuel type Electric
Displacement cc 0
Max. output kw (bhp) at rpm 49 (66) / 4000-8000
Max. torque Nm (lb.ft) at rpm 196 (145) / 0-3000
Maximum speed mph (kph) 81 (130)
Battery (12v) type 34B19L (S)
Battery (main traction) volts 330
Battery (main traction) energy kWh 16

A rapid direct current (DC) charging doc exists on the left hand side of the vehicle covered to prevent rain, insects etc. from entering it. Two large pins for the charging current and eight small ones for circuitry control. On the fast DC charge, the air conditioning system starts automatically and air is blown over the battery pack to cool it. Within 20 minutes, the battery gets charged up to 80% from its depletion level.

An AC charging point is on the right hand side accessed just like the DC charge point and is a five pin point (IEC62196-2 Type 2) Three pins are in-line, neutral and earth. Two small pins are the control circuit which cuts off current when charging are complete or when plug is removed from the car.

It also prevents simultaneous rapid and fast charging and ensures the car cannot be driven when the plug is inserted. A control box which is limited to 20 amps provides fast charging in 4 hours from depletion. Anon-captive cord is available for slow charging which is intended to be used at home or other domestic places.

MiEV Power Box installed in the car supplies power to your home electric appliances in case of a power blackout. It provides 100 volt outlets that convert DC battery power into AC power that can power up to 1500 watts of electrical equipment for up to 5-6 hours.

Regeneration of the battery is provided through kinetic energy and potential energy that can get back into the battery if the three regeneration positions are used well. The positions are designed to cater to driving in the city, up hills and in a flat place. When you lift off the accelerator, regeneration is also induced and with light pressure on the foot. The driver is able to note power and regeneration on the dashboard through the analogue instruments.

The Mitsubishi I-MEV Electric Car dash

The interior of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV can be pre-heated remotely while the vehicle is still on charge, preventing range reduction issue. The air conditioning not only helps create a comfortable interior environment while driving but it also can be pre-programmed to prevent range loss. This is achieved by setting the car in a “pre-cool” position while charging. Pre-heating, air conditioning and monitoring of battery charge is done by a remote control. The steering wheel is framed and immobilised with help from an electric power.


CO2 emissions g/km 0
Vehicle excise duty band A
Vehicle excise duty - 1st year fee £0
Electric use - weighted average Wh/mile 4.6
Electric range km (Miles) 160 (100)

Under the left hand seat at the front, an emergency cut off from the main battery can be accessed. In case of a collision, a cutoff switch operated by a “G” forces sensor is used.


Acoustic vehicle alerting system STD
Active stability & traction control STD
Airbags (x6) front, side & curtain STD
Brake assist STD
Disc brakes, ventilated front STD
High-mount stop lamp, rear STD
ISO-Fix child seat mountings, 2nd row x2 STD
RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body safety system STD

Front and rear wheel are made of different sizes and a roadside repair kit with a 12 volt electric compressor is installed. Under the rear passenger seats, a bottle repair fluid is there if required. The braking system is purely hydraulic with disk brakes in front while at the back drum brakes have been fitted. An anti-lock braking system is installed while the handbrake that acts on the rear wheels is cable operated. Interlocks on braking system only ensure that starting up process only, can happen when the brake pedal is pressed.

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Mitsubishi I-MIEV