MINI’s not so MINI 5-door hatch is here

2014-11-13 19:41:38

It is only six months since the 3-door version was introduced to the UK, but now MINI have released details of its first ever 5-door supermini hatchback. The new body style is entirely new to the range of the much-loved British brand, and boasts the company’s signature exterior design philosophy which has been authentically adapted to the new model.

With a wheelbase that is 72mm longer than that of the 3-door hatchback, MINI hopes the increased versatility offered by its two rear doors and added interior space will further expand its customer base. The new body style now allows for the inclusion of a central rear seat, making the 5-door hatch a true 5-seat car.

Even the boot is larger, in acknowledgement of its new found duties. At 278-litres, it is 67-litres bigger than the 3-door. There is added versatility thanks to the inclusion of standard-fit 60:40 split-fold rear seats.

Six model variants of the 5-door hatchback will be available from launch with a choice of both petrol and diesel versions with either 3- or 4-cylinders. The engines feature MINI’s innovative TwinPower Turbo Technology. Two gearboxes are also available. The slick-shifting standard-fit 6-speed manual transmission can be supplemented at extra cost for a 6-speed Steptronic automatic transmission.

The MINI 5-door needs to be efficient in terms of CO2 emissions in order to successfully compete with the established premium brands, such as the Audi A1. As a result, CO2 emissions start from just 92g/km. This is possible thanks to the standard inclusion of engine-stop/start, shift point display function, brake energy recuperation and needs-oriented control of the fuel pump, coolant pump and other ancillary units across the whole range.

Diesel engines feature an optimised pre-heating process that achieves a 50% reduction in the energy required to start them.

The MINI has a three-mode driving option which provides an excellent basis for fuel efficient motoring. Controlled by a rotary switch at the base of the gear select lever, it can be used to activate either the default MID-mode, SPORT-mode or GREEN-mode.

SPORT-mode, as the name suggests, adjust the accelerator pedal and steering towards a more performance-oriented set-up, whilst GREEN-mode offers a more relaxed and fuel-efficient style of driving that is supported by intelligent control of energy and climate management.

Prices start at £14,350 – a £600 premium on the equivalent 3-door hatchback.

This is an abridged version of an article especially prepared by First4Auto on behalf of EcoCars4Sale.

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