Skôda’s eco-friendly Fabia Combi puts the boot in!

2014-11-21 05:56:59

One of Skôda’s biggest-selling models will be arriving soon in a larger and better version. The Fabia Combi will be launched in early 2015.

The Combi version will feature the identical front end to the hatchback version. Compared to the model it replaces, it will have a slightly larger footprint, growing 10mm in length (to 4,257mm) and 90mm in width (to 1,732mm). The wheelbase has also been extended and to accommodate the significant increase in girth, the track has been stretched by 30mm. The only place where the dimensions have been reduced is the height, which shrinks by 31mm to 1,467mm.

These bigger dimensions means that the Fabia Combi will more readily be able to carry five adults in complete comfort. The interior cabin has been widened by 21mm and its overall length by 8mm.

The boot has also grown in size to reinforce its load-lugging ability. With the seats up, 530-litres of cargo can be accommodated (20-litres more than the outgoing model and, as a result, the largest in its segment) and 1,395-litres with the rear seat backs folded. With the rear squabs folded first and then the backrest, loads of up to 1,550mm long can be fitted into the car. The load floor is 2mm deeper at 960mm with the rear seats up, stretching to 1,900mm with the rear seats folded. For the record, the load floor is 1,028mm wide. For an additional cost, an adjustable false boot floor can be purchased. In essence, this is a removable shelf which divides the boot into two horizontal compartments, allowing storage on two levels.

Despite the outward growth, the Fabia Combi has actually been on a bit of diet, and has successfully shed an average of 55kg to help improve efficiency.

There is a choice of three petrol and three diesel engines – all of whom are EU6 emissions compliant. Irrespective of which engine you opt for, it will feature Start-Stop technology as standard as well as brake energy recovery.

The petrol engines are all 1.2-litre TSI’s in differing power outputs ranging from 75PS to 110PS.

The 1.0-litre 3-cylinder diesel is a new addition to the range and comes in three outputs ranging between 75PS and 105PS.

There is a choice of manual gearboxes or an automatic DSG transmission.

When the Fabia Combi GreenLine arrives later in 2015, CO2 emissions will be as low as 82g/km. This will provide a BIK (Benefit in Kind) rating of just 14% in 2014/15 and 16% thereafter. The new Fabia Combi is also more environmentally friendly in terms of fuel consumption, which has been reduced by up to 17% compared to the previous second-generation model.

A collection of state-of-the-art safety, comfort and infotainment systems feature on the new model which have been pinched from vehicles that occupy higher-level sectors. These include the new MirrorLink facility which integrates your smartphone with that in the car, and SmartGate technology which allows you to record vehicle data on your phone.

Also making its debut in the Fabia Combi is Skôda’s new C-EPS (Column-Electric Power Steering). This replaces the electro-hydraulic power steering used on the old model and saves weight and fuel.

There is also Front Assistant with integrated City Emergency Braking and Driver Activity Assist.

This is an abridged version of an article especially prepared by First4Auto on behalf of EcoCars4Sale.

Reported By

Andrew Merritt-Morling

Chief Editor