Audi A6 Ultra – cleanest eco A6 ever produced – available now

2014-12-16 18:50:29

Audi has released details of the cleanest A6 it has ever produced. Despite is sizeable proportions, the new £31,955 A6 Ultra will emit just 109g/km of CO2 in saloon form whilst returning an exceptionally strong 67.3mpg. An estate version, named Avant, is also available for £33,955. Across the range, emission levels have been reduced by as much as 22%.

The outgoing version of the 2.0 TDI unit was already widely acclaimed for its strong fuel economy and low emissions of 64.2mpg and 114g/km of CO2 respectively, but now in this new Ultra form, the relentless pursuit across the motor industry of efficiency gains have pushed Audi’s engineers to their limits. Improvements in fuel consumption of 4.8% (3.1mpg) and 4.39% in terms of CO2 emissions (5g/km) can be taken advantage of when the 17-inch alloy wheels are fitted.

When the larger 18-inch wheels are selected, the economic capability remains unchanged, even if there is an ever-so-slight deterioration in the level of CO2 emissions to 110g/km.

This is clearly great news for company car drivers and business fleet operators alike. Drivers will see a drop in their Benefit in Kind (BIK) rate drop from 18% to 17%, meaning that a 40% tax payer will have to fork out £2,273 in the first year. Those opting for a manual transmission will pay a tad more at 18%, thanks to the reduced 113g/km output and 65.7mpg economy.

These improvements translate to an improvement in the VED tax bands, moving the Ultra saloon version into Band B from Band C. This means owners will be able to benefit from free road fund licencing in the first year of ownership and a £10 annual saving thereafter over the outgoing model based on current tax rates.

The Ultra model doesn’t mean you have to forego temptations like the S-line sports specification either.

As well as the introduction of the Ultra models, the A6 saloon and Avant ranges offer four versions powered by three V6 TDI engines with either single or twin-turbochargers and with varying degrees of power outputs. All engines comply with strict Euro6 emission regulations.

The revised Audi A6 includes subtle alterations to the styling, upgraded light options, the introduction of a new infotainment system and more fundamentally, new transmissions.

Visually, the new models can be recognised by their more streamlined look. At the front, there are changes to the grille, air inlets, and bumper, whilst moving round the car, there are changes to the side sills and, at the other end, rear lights.

SE-specced models now come with standard-fit Xenon headlights whilst S-line models get LED headlights. Matrix LED lights are optional on the A6 and S6, but feature as standard on the RS 6 Avant.

Inside, there is a revised version of Audi’s MMI navigation plus and Audi Connect elements.

Deliveries of the revised A6 Ultra models have just begun whilst the high-performance S6, S6 Avant and RS 6 Avant follow early in the new year.

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Andrew Merritt-Morling

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