Eco-focused Mercedes G-Code concept bristles with tech

2014-12-22 17:39:26

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the new G-Code concept – brought to us via Mercedes-Benz. The product is the result of a collaboration between the company’s engineers in Germany and its newly-opened Beijing R&D centre. As you can see, the G-Code is a sports utility coupé.

Details of the drivetrain and power-plant have been kept to a minimum, but we expect it to be a development of the hydrogen-electric hybrid scheduled to appear in the B-class in 2017. In essence, this is likely to be a combination of a turbocharged combustion engine that runs exclusively on hydrogen, mated to a fuel cell.

When parked, the G-Code turns itself into a giant solar cell as its high-tech ‘multi-voltaic’ silver paint acts to replenish the cars power supply. The vehicle has also been primed to ‘electrostatically’ charge by the wind when the vehicle is stationary.

Another power feature of the Mercedes G-Code is its ability to charge on the move via a unique suspension method that generates additional electricity. This works by linking the hydraulic springs and dampers to a networked centralised control unit which drives a compact current generator as the springs and dampers rebound.

The G-Code concept also comes with its own interesting light show, inspired say the designers, by popular cinematic masterpieces as Star Wars and Star Trek. The light-show is located in the grille that boasts two chrome louvres.

In all-electric mode, blue stars light up in the radiator grille and move from the edge of the ‘display’ toward the centre. Apparently, this creates the illusion of a tunnel permanently opening out in front of the car. Switch to hybrid drive, and the stars change to purple. In sport model, the stars turn red and relocate from the centre of the grille towards the outer edge – conveying the impression that the car is transporting imaginary energy to the outside. With red lights on display at the front of the vehicle, it is also likely to frighten the hell out of oncoming drivers when it is dark.

Two electric scooters are stored under the boot floor too.

According to Gorden Wagener, head of design at the German company, the G-Code concept interprets “the modern lifestyle of the younger Asian society.”

There will be a toned-down production version of the G-Code. It will slot in beneath the GLA and be destined to take on the forthcoming Audi Q1.

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