Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake boots the boot in

2015-01-12 15:27:12

Mercedes-Benz has released a Shooting Brake version of its CLA saloon, which is due to go on sale in January with the first deliveries expected to start in March. The Shooting Brake represents the final new body style that will be based on the company’s front-wheel drive architecture.

Like its larger CLS Shooting Brake sibling, the smaller CLA Shooting Brake carries the same family genes and places its emphasis very firmly on style as opposed to outright carrying capacity. But despite its rakish curves and sweeping roofline, loads of up to 4.6-metres are still able to be accommodated. With the rear seats in place, the CLA Shooting Brake is able to offer 25-litres more capacity than the saloon with 495-litres, rising to 1,354-litres with the rear seats folded.

The CLA Shooting Brake is identical to the CLA saloon up to the rear seats, the company says, which means it retains the saloon’s elegant face with its wide, single-bar front grille and long bonnet.

It will be offered in four trim levels: Sport, AMG Sport, ‘Engineered by AMG’ and AMG. In addition, there will be a special-edition model called ‘Orange Art’ with bright orange detailing, both inside and out.

Mercedes-Benz says that pricing and specification line-up will be very similar to the saloon’s. The biggest difference in standard specification is that an electric tailgate will be standard on all models, which can be supported by an optional load compartment package that includes a lockable boot floor, 12v socket and aluminium load rails.

As you would expect of Mercedes-Benz, the CLA Shooting Brake has a large number of engines from which to choose. From launch, there will be two diesel and four petrol options. Understandably, these will be a smidgeon less efficient than the saloon due to the slight weight penalty the Shooting Brake carries, and the fact that it is less aerodynamically efficient, with a 0.26Cd figure versus 0.22 for the saloon.

The most efficient model in the line-up will be the CLA200 CDI. It is capable of returning up to 72.4mpg, coupled to emissions as low as 101g/km.

These will be joined in September by two further diesel engine options: the CLA200 CDI 4Matic and the CLA220 CDI 4Matic.

Unlike the CLA, the 208bhp all-wheel drive CLA250 4Matic model will only be offered with the Engineered by AMG specification.

The CLA Shooting Brake is expected to start from around £25,700 – with a £1,000 premium over the CLA saloon.

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