Pure EV autonomous driving car to be showcased at Geneva in March

2015-02-03 13:31:37

Rinspeed, the Swiss car designer and manufacturer, will showcase a BMW i3-style driverless electric small car at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March. Called the Budii, the car will be fully autonomous, but at a touch of a button, either front seat passenger will be able to adopt full manual control.

The Rinspeed Budii has been described by the company as a “robotic friend on wheels”. The ‘autopilot’ mode allows the driver to hand over control to the car, offering them the opportunity to relax whilst the car tackles the city commute. The car adapts and is able to learn the preferences of the individual driver.

However, the driver is able to take back control at a flick of a switch. When they do, a swivelling state-of-the-art robotic arm presents the steering wheel from the middle of the dash, allowing either of the front seat passengers to take over manual control. Whilst autonomous cars, such as Google’s driverless car, are not new, the Rinspeed Budii is the only car that offers the driver the choice for those who still enjoy driving themselves.

Details remain scarce, but one thing we do know is that the Budii will be powered by an electric motor only. It also demonstrates more than a passing resemblance to the BMW i3, but in a more sporty package. A radar-like box is located on the roof. It also shows new wheels and aerodynamic package.

Rinspeed will provide more information closer to the Geneva Motor Show in March, but it is unlikely the Budii will see production for a number of years (if ever).

Earlier this year, Rinspeed showcased a driverless Tesla Model S, which they called the Rinspeed XchangeE. The company says that in unveiling the Budii, it is responding to the “need to redefine the relationship between man and machine”. The Rinspeed Budii represents the 21st proprietary concept vehicle of the Swiss “Think Tank” and “Innovation Lab”. We doubt it will be the company’s last.

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Andrew Merritt-Morling

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