Source London car chargers ‘significantly under used’

Source London car chargers ‘significantly under used’

2015-03-26 18:06:37

According to data obtained under the Freedom of Information of Act from Transport for London (TfL) and analysed, two thirds of London’s electric car charging units are going unused according to the RAC Foundation. Furthermore, the study points out that out-of-service units seem to be a major culprit, with only 324 of the 905 units across the capital being used – equating to just 36%.

However, despite the woeful performance, that is still an improvement on June 2013, when the last such survey showed that only 24.3% of the 892 charging units available at that time were used.

The survey shows that despite only 46% of the charging network being in the inner London area, 80% of all charging takes place in the area.

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, told EcoCars4Sale: “The Mayor of London has committed to rolling out another 4,500 charging points over the next three years, on the way to meeting his ultimate target of 25,000, yet official data shows the bulk of the units we already have are significantly underused. One reason for this could be the large number of units that appear broken. The Source London website suggests around a third of charge points are out of service, so you couldn’t charge your car from them even if you wanted to. Before we splurge money on more units we must ensure the existing network is fully operational and accessible. Hopefully our analysis will give an indication of where further money should be spent and where extra infrastructure might be needed.”

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