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Electric and Hybrid car sales hit a all time high

2015-07-16 16:09:16

Electric and Plug-in Hybrid car sales surge in the UK some of which are a massive 520% up LFL. As the world knows that the UK has some of the best incentives for electric and hybrid cars from a whopping £5000 off the list price which is contributed by the UK Government. We also don’t have to pay for road tax if the cars CO2 emissions are under 100 g/km which is generally the case for all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The latest figures show that during 2014 the UK people purchased over 14,500 electric cars. In the first half of this year this has increased like for like in the same period, to a jaw dropping 350%. However the UK consumers have already passed this total year’s figure with more sales than that of 2014 in the first 6 months of 2015 financial year.

Us eco car Brits, have now a 3% share of all cars that are on the road today. This might not sound like a lot but it was only in 2013 the electric and hybrid total share was only just 1% of all cars on the road.

So how have we pushed these figures? As mentioned the incentives from the government have really helped the growth of the electric and hybrid car market. The release of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid has a significant affect on these figures. This car is now the fastest and biggest selling electric plug-in hybrid vehicle in the UK. Due to these and more factors the total electric and hybrid cars sold so far is a little over 35,000 units.

  • Pure new electric car registrations sold 4681 thats 83% up LFL
  • Plug-in hybrid new registrations sold 9541 thats 520% up LFL

As we can see that the savvy UK consumers are now starting to understand that electric and hybrid cars are not to be feared but to be enjoyed. It also looks like we the savvy Brits may become the biggest electric and hybrid car owners in Europe if we keep seeing this type of growth.

Reported By

Raymond Saunders

EcoCars4Sale News Team