Ultra-low emissions for new BMW 320d ED Sport

2015-10-09 07:00:55

BMW has introduced an ultra-low 320d ED Sport model to its 3-series range which has been designed to attract the lucrative business and fleet market. The 161bhp 2.0-litre EfficientDynamics diesel produces 295lb ft of torque and thanks to low CO2 emissions, achieves low vehicle tax under the current rules.

The auto saloon is able to emit 104g/km of CO2, with the manual ‘boxed Touring being the dirtiest at 114g/km. That means irrespective of which model you choose, it will sit in VED Band B, attracting a 19% Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) rating.

The six-speed manual-shifting saloon is able to complete the 0-62mph benchmark sprint in 7.9-seconds, with the estate version with the same gearbox following on behind at 8.2-seconds. Pay extra for the eight-speed automatic, and you will manage to achieve the same task a tenth-of-a-second quicker on its way to a 143mph top speed.

If you travel exceptionally high miles, you might be better off opting for the auto since it is more efficient than the manual: 70.6mpg is theoretically possible with the ED Sport saloon, slightly ahead of the 68.9mpg potentially possible with the manual ‘boxed version. The same figures for the Touring is 67.3mpg for the auto and 65.7mpg for the manual.

Company car buyers should also be quids in thanks to lower monthly lease or purchase costs – a result of the increased residual value that has been achieved thanks to the desirable combination of Sport styling and low fuel consumption. Despite an upgrade in equipment levels, the average monthly cost of owning a Sport model is just £3 more than the standard ED, according to BMW.

Standard equipment includes 17-inch alloy wheels (although 18- and 19-inch rims are also available in a variety of styles). Inside there is a Business Navigation package, a choice of Dakota leather upholstery, a BMW Sports steering wheel and heated sports front seats.

Despite carrying £840-worth of extra equipment, BMW say they are only charging a £500 premium over the ED Plus. That means the manual saloon will kick-off at £30,205 and the manual Touring will be available from £31,505.

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