Electric and Hybrid car sales look to hit a all time high as...

Electric and Hybrid car sales look to hit a all time high as 53% of UK motorists consider an electric or hybrid car.

2015-10-12 08:16:58

Electric and Hybrid car sales look to soar as 53% of the UK motorists are now considering on buying a electric or hybrid car.

This is great news for the motor industry because what we will see is a new technology driver that could be as big as the first car revolution it’s self.

This comes as no surprise because of recent headlines regarding falsification of mpg and CO2 emissions from that of some of the big Motor giants. The IMI (Institute of the motor industry) claims that it has found that 53% of UK drivers are now planning to lease or to buy a electric or hybrid vehicle within the next two years. If this is the case this will play right into the hands of Tesla because this is when Tesla look to have their Model 3 on sale in the UK. The Tesla Model 3 will be the first Long distance fully electric saloon car of which will be more affordable and estimates are around the £30,000 mark and will be able to travel up to 250 miles on a single charge.

However it won't just be Tesla who could benefit from this, all Electric and hybrid car manufacturers will surely be close to Tesla’s battery range by then.

Also the savvy UK consumers who have already got solar energy or wind energy installed into the homes will know that they can charge their electric or plug-in hybrid ( PHEV ) vehicle for free, this will have huge benefits to the ozone layer and to their weekly/monthly family budget.

Written By

Lorna Saunders

EcoCars4Sale Guest Editor