The U.K.'s first hydrogen car filling station opens

The U.K.'s first hydrogen car filling station opens

2015-10-15 04:35:03

Great news for the hydrogen car enthusiasts out there as the U.K.'s very first hydrogen car filling station has opened. The new station creates the hydrogen on-site whilst using free energy created from a wind turbine.

So where is it we hear you say is located insert a couple of miles from Junction 33 on the M1. The station itself is going to be one of 15 hydrogen refuelling stations in the UK, however the UK government are targeting local authorities as they wish to have 65 stations opened up by 2020 and a massive 1150 stations by 2030.

Of course London will showcase majority of the very first stations as there will be five stations built in London alone in the next 18 months, this is great news for all the cabbies of London as the Transport for London has set out regulations that the 23,000 black cabs must be zero emission’s. So that only leaves them to purchase a fully electric or hydrogen cab, this target has been set by the Transport of London and will commence by 2018.

We hear you say what hydrogen cars can we buy now? Well at the moment there is only one-car for sale in the UK and that is the Hyundai ix35 which costs £53,105. However in the autumn Toyota will be releasing the Mirai which costs £60,000 and will be the second hydrogen fuelled motor vehicle in the UK.

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Lorna Saunders

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