Apple Electric Car Is Coming

2015-10-22 05:16:00

It looks like the apple Electric car is coming!

The technological Company Apple has massive plans to build an electric car /cars as we have reported previously but this time where not just reporting on it because of hearsay but because of fact!

We have it on good authority that Apple have given permission to the heads of their new electric car venture to triple there already 600 staff members. Apple are building the first anomalous Electric car under the codename Project Titan, will this be the name of their new car?

From information we have managed to find out, Apple has set a target for despatching the new electric car and aim for 2019 for the USA. More than likely in 2020 for the UK and the rest of Europe/Asia.

Also from this information we have gathered and according to the American investment bank Jefferies & Co have reported on the Apple cars cost of £36,000 or $55,000 would be a massive difference in cost compared to its soon-to-be rivals BMWAudiVWTesla and Nissan.

So we know the Apple car will be 100% fully electric and it will also be an autonomous driving vehicle. This puts Apple against the Internet Giants Google with their prototype autonomous electric car as well.

We know that if Apple are building a technological item that it will be top of the range high-quality and long-lasting. We can expect Siri to be in the car and Apples CarPlay system which allows you to display calls, texts and emails it will also play all your music from iTunes as you wish.

We can't underestimate the fact that Apple are looking to go into the automobile industry because Apple is already sitting on $155 .24 billion dollars of excess cash, that's more then the total combined market share of Ford and General Motors put together.

Our conclusion to the Apple electric car is, bring it on and car manufacturers watch this space.

Reported by

Lorna Saunders

Guest Editor