Honda FCV Clarity Hydrogen Car

Honda FCV Clarity Hydrogen Car

2015-11-04 06:26:01

Honda unveils its new hydrogen powered car

As the world is getting excited about electric cars there's a new era also coming from that technology which is hydrogen cars. The motor giant Honda has released its first hydrogen car onto the motoring stage. Honda’s new technological Motor vehicle is called the Honda FCV Clarity and it looks very aerodynamic with nice sweeping curves. According to Honda, this fuel cell vehicle Will go on sale in Japan in March 2016 with Honda launching this vehicle in the UK, Europe and the USA soon after.

According to Honda this fuel cell vehicle can travel up to the 700 km which is 434 miles on a single charge which should be enough for all them consumers out there who worry about the distance of a normal electric car. The Honda FCV Clarity’s cost will be around £42,000 or $63,000 which is quite a lot of money for the average household. However this was the same case when electric cars first came to market and now you can pick up a secondhand Nissan Leaf for under £10,000.

One of the clever attributes of this new hydrogen car is that Honda have cleverly put the fuel cell stack under the bonnet unlike the Toyota Mirai which has the fuel cell stack in the centre of the vehicle which cuts into the passengers space.

So how fuel cell cars work in a brief. Hydrogen powered cars ultimately work from having a fuel cell stack which then converts the hydrogen into electricity which then powers the electric motors from the battery pack which is normally made out of lithium-ion. So some could just call it a electric car, couldn't they?

Do you think that Hydrogen Cars will be a stayer or just another fuel technology that gets missed by consumers like what happened with LPG?

We at EcoCars4Sale believe that any advancement in car technology is a good thing for our planet for the long term goal of saving our customers money on their commutes.

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Lorna Saunders

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