Mercedes-Benz aims for 4 new electric cars

Mercedes-Benz aims for 4 new electric cars

2016-01-07 05:48:20

Great news for electric car and Mercedes-Benz lovers out there, as Mercedes have given the green light to bring 4 brand-new electric cars to market starting the production in 2018.

This is a big leap for the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz thats about to go all electric and it wouldn't surprise us if they were a main contender to rival Tesla Motors.

Mercedes sector plan to start offering more long range electric cars in 2019 but according to make Mercedes they needed to maintain their main competition with Audi, BMW and Porsche whom have invested a lot of money, resources and time on new electric car models such as the BMW i3 and i8, Audi’s e-Tron series and Porsches hybrid supercar better know as the spider 318.

Mercedes-Benz have already jumped into the electric car market with a fantastic little motor which is their B Series which has been electrified. This car can achieve up 120 miles per charge which is more than enough to do your daily school runs or most peoples daily commute.

We advise that all the leading car manufacturers should keep their eyes on what Mercedes are going to be doing in the next few years.

Reported By

Lorna Saunders

Guest Editor