Ford Invests 4.5 Billion Dollars On Electric and Hybrid Cars

Ford Invests 4.5 Billion Dollars On Electric and Hybrid Cars

2016-01-08 17:57:41

Ford get serious and goes for gold with a massive 4.5 billion dollar investment in electric and hybrid car technology.

The UK’s biggest car manufacturer finally sees the light and has gone on record to confirm that it will be expanding its inventory by producing a minimum of 13 new electrified vehicles this will include pure electric carshybrid cars and plug-in hybrid cars. This great move will see by 2020 over 40% of Ford’s inventory will be of some kind of electric car.

The big US car manufacture will also use their newly developed technology on their diesel powertrains and the already popular EcoBoost range.

Ford have stated that they have a short term plan which will give them a great platform for the future. They have said that the short term plan is “We actively see plug-in hybrids as the highest growth for consumers by 2018”.

Ford will have produced and also manufactured all of these vehicles by 2020. Ford have also stated that they will be launching a updated and upgraded version of their electric Focus which they are saying will be able to change 80% of its battery in 30 minutes which will give the consumer about 100 miles of pure electric driving.

For all those who don't believe in or support the electric movement then unlucky because you will not be able to stop it! And for all those is favour of the electric movement, hold on tight because the next 4 years are going to be very special!

Reported By

Lorna Saunders

Guest Editor