VW Considering making the worlds most affordable electric ca...

VW Considering making the worlds most affordable electric car

2016-02-12 20:03:58

Volkswagen is working towards redeeming itself from the Diesel-gate scandal, by working on an electric car that could bring changes to the future automotive industry. The firm is also keen to rival the already existing electric cars; Tesla and Chevrolet Bolt being manufactured by two giant auto companies, Tesla and Chevrolet respectively.

Volkswagen's new CEO, Herbert Diess, is said to have major plans that could make the firm start producing electric cars. He is reported to be working on an electric car that is cheap and has the capability of covering a range of over 186 miles in a single charge. The watershed project has been supported by other VW bosses in the engineering department who are interested in modifying the firm's technological capabilities to fit the modern digital age, Auto car reveals. Many VW technicians and engineers are working towards bringing an EV by the year 2019 and are stationed the firm's Braunschweig R&D facility.

VW has not yet released the official name of their EV but it’s predicted that it will shake up the auto industry greatly just as the Beetle did when it first came into the market. Australians at the Motoring are skeptical of the changes the EV could bring to the country. This is because, in Australia, there are no laid down infrastructure to support the EVs not mentioning the lack of tax incentives on the EVs.

However, most of them remain hopeful that by the time the EV is launched, the political and technological landscape will have change in Australia and other markets making them forget about the Diesel-gate scandal and purchase a new EV. VW will then benefit greatly from an increase in demand for a cheap EV that is green and fits the strict Eco-friendly regulations set up by world's major economies such as the US and the UK. Ironically, it will also solve the Diesel-gate scandal it brought upon itself.

Currently, VW maintains that the features of their EV remains to be a top secret. No one knows if its will be sedan or hatchback, but only hope that it brings a great style and efficiency unlike the already existing e-Golf. However, it goes without saying that the EV will not be larger than the Golf line of vehicles.

The EV's technical architecture is dubbed MEB specifically reserved for the firm's EV's. MEB is working towards making a statement in the automotive industry to showcase VW's ability to come up with a cutting edge connectivity and infotainment systems characterising VW's technical competency in the industry. It will not be unveiled before 2018 which apparently when VW plans to unveil the Golf 8 to the market. Automotive News reports that VW is currently working on developing and improving a new battery pack that will be used in the future EV.

The EV is only meant to use a lithium-ion battery pack to increase the cars performance eliminating the need to increase the car's shape to accommodate the battery pack. Additionally, the car will have compact electric motors to improve the car's agility and performance. It is worth noting the battery pack will be located on the car's floor to improve its stability and centre of gravity while also not compromising the passengers space. This technology has been adopted from the rival EV producing firm, Tesla that uses the battery pack on Model S cars.

As per now, nobody knows the certainty of VW's EV and whether it will ever come to exist or not. This is because, in recent happenings, the German based automotive firm is recalling most of the vehicles affected by the Diesel-gate scandal. In addition, the firm is reducing its investments and spending in other projects till the Diesel-gate scandal is fully settled. We will be waiting to see what is to come next in the near future.

VW currently offers two EVs in today's market, namely; the eGolf and the e-UP. They are purely electric variants of the normal cars and are closely designed to look like the future EV. It remains our hope that the future EV will have a better battery that could bring about efficiency when in use unlike depending on the diesel engines that re becoming obsolete and uninteresting to use. Till then, VW must first fix those defective vehicles under the Diesel gate scandal in order to proceed with the EV plans.

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