The Electric Car Road Trip "Route 57"

2016-05-02 07:20:22

Route 57 is an electric car road trip well known through the UK. Basically, the route covers parts of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Proudly sponsored by Jurys Inn Hotel, the trip is meant to pass through 57 destinations in less than 8 weeks. It will start in Plymouth and end in Galway, and it’s estimated to be up 2500 miles journey using the Route 57 map. In addition, the trip seeks to explore different cultures in the different destinations, hence experiencing the diversity of UK’s citizens in one long trip.

Why Use an Electric Car

The official electric vehicle, EV, for this long trip is Kia Soul EV. The EV is set to put the concerns that UK’s citizens have over green technology; range and their efficiency in long distance trips to rest. Kia Soul EV is supplied by DriveElectric, while the charging stations spotted along the 57 destination trip have been mapped out by ZapMap. The driver of this vehicle is Jess Shanahan, a motoring journalist. Boasting of being Kia’s first EV, the vehicle has some very interesting technological improvements both in the inside and outside.

They include:

Technical Specifications- The electric car is a feat of engineering, with the latest technology in electrical and mechanical engineering added to it to make it a remarkable EV. This includes, the use of lithium ion batteries meant to power the car.

Security and Safety- The car comes with six airbags, 3 point safety belts and child seat fixings meant to protect its occupants. In addition, the cars has sensors like the Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Hill Start Assist Control and Visible Vehicle Identification Number. Your safety is guaranteed.

Charging and Hardware- The EV is sold with a Domestic Fast Charger that charges the lithium ion batteries for 4-5 hours. However, at motorway public charging stations, like those mapped out for Route57, the Public Rapid Chargers charged in less than one hour. Moreover, the car has an app, Polar Instant meant to alert drivers on the real time status of charging spots all over UK.

Audio Communication and Entertainment- Thanks to the 8 inch display monitor fitted in the car’s dashboard, communication between the driver and the EV has been enhanced as the screen gives the charging point directions, charge time and Satellite Navigation. There are standard 6 speakers and a USB input.

EV CO2 Emissions

According to the Department of Transport, Kia Soul EV is completely tax exempt. This is because, the car has 0g CO2 emissions and that why it’s the Route57 official car. Buyers interested in buying the vehicle, are also set to enjoy the congestion charge exemption in the long run.

Some of Route 57’s Unique Destinations

New Forest National Park- This park is filled with natural walks and has plenty of wildlife. Historically, it is the home to Georgian cottages and legends of dragons.

Brighton- This iconic sea side city of Brighton is the home to some of the pebble beach, Victorian Pleasure Pier and the lavish Royal Pavilion. The city is also known for its vibrant night life.

Oxford- This iconic city, boasts of being an education centre as it’s the home of Oxford University. In addition, there are walking tours, castles and the luxurious Bicester Village, known for its retail therapy.

Warwick- The town of Warwick is known for the large majestic castle located in the town centre. In addition, one can enjoy and explore the Tudor architecture, lush green parks and independent boutiques in the town.

Nottingham- The legendary city of Nottingham is existing to explore. Being the home of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, road trippers can enjoy strolls and walks tours around the Old Market Square and Nottingham Castle.

North Pennines AONB- AONB stands for Area of Outstanding Beauty. This area has awe inspiring natural scenery that include; rivers, woodlands, wildlife, heather moors which are clearly displayed in this natural landscape.

Lake Distinct National Park- Since time immemorial, this lake park has been an inspiration to poets and writers. There is an incredible natural scenery white trippers get to enjoy the country’s best landscapes.

Dublin- Being Ireland’s capital, this city bursts with heritage from the Dublin Castle to the Kilmainham Goal. Trippers can soak up their exhaustion in the Temple Bar, and enjoy the Irish vast culture, night life hence get a glimpse of Ireland’s history.

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