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Almost a decade on from the launch in 1997 of an electric vehicle from Nissan. Now in 2015 Nissan sales are stronger than ever in the electric vehicle (EV) market. The Leaf is the leading environmentally friendly Zero CO2 family car. With a five door hatchback design the vehicle was originally launched on sale in Japan and the US at the end of 2010, soon after deliveries started in the US and Japan. Nissan then launched a program to deliver this vehicle worldwide. Sales soon followed in various European countries including the UK and then Canada in 2011. The Leaf can be purchased in 46 countries worldwide as of 2015, and holds the title several years in a row of the world’s bestselling fully electric vehicle. Today Nissan has sold over 18,000 Leafs since they were originally launched. Interestingly, their home country Japan is only the second bestselling country with 53,000 units sold. The top-selling country was the United States with 80,000 units, and the rest of Europe follows with around 41,500 units. Europe accounts for around 13,500 units, with the UK having over 9600 units of them.

Europe EV Sales 2015

Europe Nissan Leaf EV Sales 2015

Electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf produce no tailpipe pollution and have Zero CO2 emissions. As well as being far cheaper to run (electric vs petrol fuel cost calculator), electric vehicles also have a huge beneficial impact on the environment. Leading the way, in it’s field the Leaf won the 2011 world car of the year award. In 2000 and 2012 leaf was the car of the year in Japan.

The next upgraded model Leaf is already being developed. Developments are focusing on an increased range through improved battery technology, and new, improved styling. The car is expected to go on sale towards the back end of 2016 at around £17,000 including the government incentives (£5000 off the list price). Sharing this technology we expect Nissan to also launch under its luxury brand Infiniti EV at some point in 2017.

With the competition increasing, Tesla have the Model 3 expected to go on sale in 2017. The key difference with Tesla’s vehicles is the range as the Model S already has a range of over 250 to 300 miles per charge. With the Nissan Leaf’s range sitting around the 85-120 mile range, they have some catching up to do with their 2016 model. The Leaf’s new range is believed to be around 186 miles per charge, making this a seriously affordable electric vehicle. Similar to Tesla, it is expected that Nissan will offer reduced battery pack, and reduced range options. This will give them more flexibility over the pricing of the vehicle. The Leaf currently has a combined fuel economy 150 miles per gallon-e.

In addition to this huge strides are being made with the electric vehicle charging networks across the UK. This includes Tesla’s range of superchargers (types of chargers) were an 80% charge can be gained in around 30 minutes. Elon Musk has promised that all electric vehicle manufacturers can use these charging points providing they allow free charging for their customers.

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