Electric Car Smartphone Apps- List of apps available for EVs

Smartphone Apps- List of smartphone apps available for modern EV's, PHEV's and HEV's in the UK and USA

App(s) (application software) is a designed computer program that is capable to run on mobile phones (smartphones) and also computer tablets. Some of the apps can be downloaded free while others are at a fee. Their popularity has risen consistently, a trend attributed by their ever increasingly demand.

Apps have facilitated to make life a bit easier. Many electric car owners use smartphone apps to connect to their vehicle, they can testify to this fact as they do not need to get worried where to find a charging station for their cars when they are on transit. They benefit from further information from their journey costs, operation, performance, maintenance, servicing and charging.

At present times, a whole range of app are available on the market. In a bid to address this legitimate concerns from EV motorists for the various additional functions of electric vehicles i.e. successful locating a nearby charging station.

Xatori and Recargo have remained to be two top industry players on releasing user friendly apps since 2013. They have plans to merge to one big company in efforts to serve owners of electric cars even better.

Three main types of electric car apps are in the market today. The first type of app is that which help owners to find nearby charging points and are called charging apps. The second one are those called the monitoring apps that help car owners be updated with the current state of the electric cars and gives them room to control it. The last type is that called the informative app that basically gives consumers more information about electric cars in general. They get updated reviews and search for an electric car that best suits their needs.

The informative app that gives consumers more information about electric cars has played a crucial role in enabling consumers make informed decisions. For example, one can search for the Nissan Leaf reviews using the apps, compare two different electric cars and make a well informed decision on which one to buy.

Identifying the best app might be an uphill task for most people. To make your wok easier, buy apps from either Recargo and Xatori as they have been proven to offer the best apps. Recargo station finder is an app that not only allows you to locate for charging station but also has updated information on electric cars. Xatori’s Plug Share, a social network, allows the owner interact with other electric car owners which enables them share their individual experiences.

Recargo Plug-Share- PlugShare is a free application for iOS, Android, & web that allows users to find and make reviews for charging stations, and to connect with other EV users.

MyFord mobile app- has been launched by Ford company for hybrid vehicles that use electric motor and internal combustible engine. The apps supports the C-MAX Enrgi together with Fusion Energi hybrid cars. More features have been added to find charging stations whenever you are travelling. By using PlugShare, the mobile apps brings electric vehicle charging information. Data from Plug Share shows the station’s status, like if it is free (currently not being used), the chargers at the charging station and the type of charger used there. The driver may also search various places of interests like restaurants, shopping malls or even gymnasiums using the MyFord app.

MyFord app works on iOS and Androids, it was previously compatible only with electric cars. But this is changing due to the increase in demand and soon owners of the Energi and C-MAX will be brought on board. The apps monitor your battery status, conditions & temperatures in the cabin that results to comfortable driving of your car.

Volkswagen’s Car-Net app- allows the driver to gain access to various functions through your smartphones. You can easily activate the car’s air conditioning before you start your journey with a warm temperature inside the car. You can further control your charging from a distance; note your average speed in your journey and the time taken. The app will go a notch higher to indicate when your lights are still on or even when your doors are properly locked. Your last parking position is also viewed with the help of this application at the comfort of your home or office . It goes ahead and calculates the shortest route you can use it to reach your parked car faster!

With the Volkswagen’s Car-Net app, you can quickly set the temperature on your computer or smartphone to have a comfortable journey. External temperatures can be viewed on the display for you to estimate your interior conditions. The apps can be used with the Golf GTE and the VW e-up.

BMW I Remote- The BMW i Remote App for iOS and Android, it shows you detailed information on the current status of your BMW i – e.g. car location, range, and battery charge. It is compatible with the BMW i3 and i8.

Tesla Model S App

Tesla Model S App- Keyless driving, unlock and drive Model S without your key. Range status, check current range, charge status, and receive charging complete notifications. Climate control, remotely vent your roof or turn on the climate control system. GPS location, never forget where you parked again.

Nissan Leaf App- The Nissan LEAF app is designed to help you manage your Leaf vehicle and control many most features directly from your iPhone.

Audi A3 e-tron Connect App- Audi connect services specially developed for the e-tron that enable the user to call up specific information and manage individual functions via smartphone and web portal. Using a smartphone app and the A3 e-tron platform (www.a3etron.audi.com), data on the vehicle status can be called up on aspects such as the current level of charge.

Renault Zoe App- Discover Renault ZOE from all angles. Find answers to your questions about the world of Renault electric vehicles: costs, charging, maintenance and more. You can also watch video explanations by our experts.

Renault Zoe App

Toyota Entune App- is a collection of popular mobile apps and in-car data services accessible from your Toyota. These services are delivered via most smartphones using hands-free Bluetooth® 9 and a cellular data connection.

iEV 3 app- is a pleasant informative app that helps drivers choose and buy an electric car that is suitable for them. You get a comparison of electric vehicles or the standard cars in an easy format that can be interpreted with ease. Some electric cars come already having the app installed.

GreenCharge App- Drivers can as well analyse driving patterns and charging costs to help them plan for their journey more efficiently by the help of GreenCharge, an apps from Xatori. GreenCharge enables you check the status of the battery and when it is required to be charged. On top of that, it also offers detailed information about the battery on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, that helps you monitor your driving patterns for effective cost saving efforts.

EV Ping App- is yet another app that uses QR codes to enable you get in touch with other drivers who are recharging their electric cars. This enables you get real time information and prevailing condition on a particular charging station which will make you decide to search for another point or wait.

Better Place Oscar- In case you want to contact customer service, the Better Place Oscar is the app for you as it enables you get assistance anytime. Additionally, the apps offers smart navigation, range forecasting and customised energy management options that will make you a proud owner of that electric car or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

With approximately over 200,000 electric cars present roaming on the roads worldwide currently, more owners are now embracing this technology and more user friendly car apps are expected to venture into the market sooner than we thought!

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