VW e-Golf GTE by Volkswagen Plug-in Hybrid Electric Car PHEV

Some Outstanding Features Of The Volkswagen Golf GTE Plug-in Electric Car

Authoritative, energetic and responsive are the terms that best describe the VW Golf GTE electric car. Once you touch the “GTE” button, the electric motor and petrol engine combines to deliver a top speed of up to 138mph with a whole new driving experience. A total range of 580 miles is indubitable when you combine both electric motor and petrol engine of this hybrid electric car.

When darkness falls, the new VW Golf GTE car still remains in the limelight due to well-designed LED headlights with indicators that provide perfect illumination creating a powerful road presence. VW Golf GTE hybrid electric car is unbelievably convenient for you as it is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) that has a petrol cap on the side and a charging socket behind it. From your household socket, The GTE recharges the battery in around four hours. However, if you want it to charge in 2 hours and 15 minutes, an optional wall box will do this effectively.


You will experience breathe taking driving experiences when using the three hybrid driving modes and the “GTE” mode ideal for driving in your town as it is noise-free, emission-free covering up to a distance of 31 miles on pure electric. You will able to see the diverse driving modes, energy flow and load condition of your battery on the screen.

In case you want to negotiate a corner, go ahead comfortably and do so. With the “GTE” button pressed, the electronic difference between the electric motor and engine applies pressure to the inner front wheel preventing wheel spin while making handling even more sporty, safe and most importantly accurate.

At the comfort of your home or office, you can access many vehicles functions remotely via your smartphone by using the Volkswagen’s Car-Net application. Imagine activating the air conditioning before your journey begins, ensuring a pleasant interior temperature, controlling charging from a distance, noting your average speed or even journey time! Is it not amazing? On top of that, the application will inform you whether car lights are on or if doors are locked or better still, inform you of your last parking position.

The interior of the VW Golf GTE cannot get any better than this. The multifunctional steering wheel is trimmed by leather that not only provides excellent grip on your hands but also continues the sporty stylish outlook. When you press the “GTE” button, the petrol and electrical motors combines making the steering wheel more receptive while the chassis firms up. The gearbox changes your gears more quickly ready to accelerate on demand. Your current driving mode and charge level is displayed on the dash. Your VW Golf GTE plug-in hybrid electric car pedals are enriched by brushed stainless steel that is all combined to give out the GTE characteristic outlook.

VW Golf GTE PHEV Interior

If you are enthusiast of music then the composition of the media system will dumbfound you. The system is equipped with a 5.8” colour touch screen, digital radio receiver, glove box-mounted CD player, multi-device interface together with iPod connection cables. It supports music playback from MP3, WMA and AAC files. Eight speakers are also present in the front and at the rear part giving you classic sounds while you drive VW Golf GTE plug-in electric car.

VW Golf GTE PHEV Rear View

The Golf GTE is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and thus has low CO2/km emissions at 39g/km of CO2 making it road tax band A and free to tax. Furthermore you will also make significant savings by not needing to buy expensive petrol or diesel costs as often as this vehicle can achieve 166mpg. As a single charge will only cost around £2 depending on your utility provider, this can give you up to 31 miles of pure electric range. To compare these costs, use our free electric vs petrol fuel cost calculator.

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