e-UP Volkswagen VW Electric Car (EV) Explained

All You Need To Know About The VW e-Up! Electric Car

The e-Up is the concrete, all-electric car that gives you an overwhelming electric impression experience every time you are on the road. The car is Eco-friendly with a great performance, capable of achieving 0-62 mph in just 12.4 seconds. With a range of up to 93 miles on one battery charge, the car is just impressive. The e-Up! cuts running costs through reduced maintenance costs. The future is electric for real!

This car has a couple of distinctive features. Its aerodynamic wheels have a special 15” smooth wheel which gives it a sporty appearance. It also has LED daytime lights. With the bowed LED daytime lights and combined rear reflectors, it has its own outstanding feature of a sleek, fashionable and unambiguously Volkswagen.

The e-Up has a combined charging system with a cable for charging with two different pads: one charged via domestic mains socket (AC); the other for fast charge using public charging station (DC). Moreover, it comes with a wall box that offers up to 55% greater charging performance hence shorter charging time.

 Volkswagen e-up internal dash view

A driver also enjoys heated windscreen and electronic air conditioning. The windscreen heater is fitted in the e-Up together with an electronic air conditioning that helps in increasing heating efficiency and comfort during cold seasons. The air conditioning ensures comfortable interior environment while you maintain your preferred temperature and keeping external odors and pollution out. You also find a multi-function computer where you can access e-information via the computer. It enables you be updated with functions like: charging, rotating angle, range covered, driving and retrieval, consumption rate, performance and readiness to travel.

In terms of comfort, the e-Up has luxurious leather trim, the perfect steering wheel, gear knob and its handbrake clasp are leather sheared which not only boosts the high quality interior appearance but also improves safety by enhancing greater grip. The high quality seats are made up of high quality material to ensure the seats are not only appealing but also one feels good too, adding touch of style and optimum comfort for the driver and passengers. There are heated front seats with three different temperatures settings which enhance the driving adventure that Volkswagen has committed to offer throughout.

With online car-net mobile services, you can access the e-Up remotely via your smartphone to check external temperatures, activate the electronic air conditioning system , ensure pleasant interior temperatures, control charging from a distance, average speed and journey time ,information on whether lights are still on, doors are closed or better yet your last parking position can be displayed.

 Volkswagen e-up motor

The e-Up achieves a top speed of up to 80mph and accelerates from 0-62mph in 12.4 seconds! Don’t worry about the speed; this car has emergency brakes which contribute to driving safety as a mounted sensor automatically applies brake pressure reducing the intensity of a collision or avowing it altogether. Moreover, you enjoy cruise control, which can be set at speeds of over 19mph, creating a more relaxed drive while you focus on the road ahead. The rear parking sensors warn you of any obstacles behind the vehicle and the closer you get to the object, the faster the sound rate.

 Volkswagen e-up rear view

The e-up is a fully electric vehicle and thus has 0 CO2/km emissions making it free to road tax. Furthermore you will also make significant savings by not needing to buy expensive petrol or diesel. As a single charge will only cost around £3 depending on your utility provider. To compare these costs, use our free electric vs petrol fuel cost calculator.

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