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Nissan e-NV200

The Nissan e-NV200 is the first 100 % pure electric van from the Nissan Motor Corporation Limited. This new and exciting fully electric commercial vehicle is now on sale and has huge potential from the likes of builders, painting decorators to local authorities or even the NHS services. This electric vehicle has all the benefits of its sister Electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf from, low CO2 emissions, no carbon dioxide emissions, no greenhouse emissions and it also has no tailpipe, therefore pollution free. So if you're living or working in London this electric van is congestion charge free. Find out more about other government incentives including free road tax, and other tax benefits you can take advantage of with this van.

The e-NV200 has a class leading interior with sufficient space in the rear, whereby you can fit 2 Euro pallets in the cargo area. The reasons for this great amount of capacity is that there is no drive transmission due to its electric motors, this then is giving you more space in the cargo hold, whereby you only have the batteries running below, which in hand then give you a low center of gravity, and improve the stability and handling when driving this van.

The already award-winning NV200 from Nissan, similarly to the award-winning and bestselling electric car the Nissan Leaf, seems to have just been put together in a great way to create this new refreshing and exciting pure electric van which is now the e-NV200. The Nissan e-NV200 isn't just the van it is also sold as a people carrier, this version of the vehicle is known as e-NV 200 Combi, and could be a great option for taxi firms.


The savings which can be made from this vehicle are significant, from the van being road tax exempt due to the zero emissions and the purchase cost of the van cis 100% tax deductible for businesses. It is also congestion charge free in London, and with the average mile only costing 2 pence, you can already see how much you could save. The van is also very quiet, so when on the road and at jobs you are unlikely to disturb your clients, this may give you a bit more time in the morning to start your day a bit earlier.

Charging and Range

This vehicle can be charged at your home via a 3-pin plug which will charge the van 0-100% capacity in 10 hours, or if you were to get a highly rated (32a) home charging unit this will bring the charge time (0-100%) to 4.5 hours. When on the road you can join one of many charging schemes and you can charge at one of the 20,000 charging stations in the UK. These have a variety of charges of which some of them are known as superchargers which will have your van charged 0-80% in around 30 minutes, these charging networks are ever expanding.

The range of this electric van is 106 miles, however when we have tried and tested it with a full load we averaged at 78 miles. The big question here is how far do you drive a day, if it is less than the above or you are willing to stop work for 30 minutes and charge, to achieve a 160 miles a day then you would be silly not to get a e-NV200 when next updating your van. We feel that this is ideal for painters and decorators, builders, local government authorities ie NHS services, taxi’s and many more UK businesses.


As with the Nissan Leaf your van will be linked in to the “CARWINGS” technology this is where you can heat up your van in the morning before even getting in it. You can track to see how much battery you have left. Or if charging, how much longer you have until it is charged. You can also see where your nearest charging station is and with the “CARWINGS” it has an advanced telematics system which logs your business miles, as well as letting you digitally track and exchange important fleet data. This also eliminates the tedious paperwork that you may have to complete, as it does it all digitally just by logging in.

With this system there is also a digital satnav, and you can upgrade and get front and rear parking cameras and much more. The engine Power is 80 KW which gives you a max torque of 254Nm, giving this van great acceleration. The battery-pack is a lithium ion battery, which has 3.6 kW charging capability.

We recommend this van to all businesses, and estimate it could save on average around £10,000 to £20,000 per year on your bottom line.

If you want to find a Nissan e-NV200 for sale, follow the link.

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Nissan e-NV200 Cargo Van