Top 10 cheapest Electric Cars EV's and Plug-in Electric PHEV

Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars

We have the top 10 cheapest electric cars on the UK market today. We have also got all the important information about the specific electric cars from the cost, road tax and more.


Make: Tesla

Model: Model S

Tesla Model S electric car price comparison

Price: £54,880

Battery Rental: N/A

MPGe: 95


Make: Volkswagen

Model: e-Golf


Price: £25,845

Battery Rental: N/A

MPGe: 116


Make: BMW

Model: i3

BMW i3

Price: £25,680

Battery Rental: N/A

MPGe: 124


Make: Mitsubishi

Model: i-MEV

Mitsubishi Model i-MEV

Price: £23,499

Battery Rental: £45pm

MPGe: 112


Make: Volkswagen

Model: e-UP

vw e up

Price: £19,250

Battery Rental: N/A

MPGe: 121


Make: Nissan

Model: e-NV200 Combi

nissan e-nv200 electric van

Price: £17,855

Battery Rental: £70pm

MPGe: 109


Make: Nissan

Model: Leaf


Price: £15,990

Battery Rental: £70pm

MPGe: 114

(Please note that Peugeot i-ON and Citreon C-Zero are also 4th. This is due these cars being very similar.)

Our top 3 cheapest electric cars


Make: Renault

Model: Zoe

Renault  Model: Zoe

Price: £13,445

Battery Rental: £45pm

MPGe: 123


Make: Smart

Model: ForTwo ED

Smart fortwo

Price: £12,275

Battery Rental: £55pm

MPGe: 107


And the cheapest is:

Make: Renault

Model: Twizy

renault twizy

Price: £6,895

Battery Rental: £45pm

MPGe: 161

All prices are correct at the time of this report in September 2015. The price is always on the road from price and includes the £5000 government grant taken off the purchase price. The MPGe is information that we have gained from the manufactures. Battery rental is NOT always compulsory. (Please contact the manufacture for furthur details)

Use our petrolvs electric fuel cost calculator to find out how much you can save on your fuel costs.

Cheapest Electric Cars