Q: How can I save money on my fuel bills?

A: Follow our 10 Ways to save money guide.

Q: What smartphone apps for cars are available?

A: Please read our smartphone apps page.

Q: What is an electric car?

A: An electric car is a vehicle that uses batteries to store electricity, that then drives an electric motor. See our electric car page for more details.

Q: How do I sell my car online?

A: It is easy to sell your car online here at ecocars4sale.com, simply register and use the VRM to sell your car today. Use our top 10 tips to selling your car online.

Q: How much money can I save on fuel by switching to an EV of PHEV?

A: This is dependent on how many miles per year you drive and some other factors. On average in the UK you could save between £1500 and £2000 per year on fuel alone. Use our fuel cost comparison calculator to find out exactly how much you will save.

Q: Are self-driving cars really possible?

A: Yes the technology is already in use from vehicles developed by Tesla and VW. Both Apple and Google are also developing this technology. See our autonomous vehicle page.