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Vehicle Reviews and Road Tests- What we provide?

We provide detailed independent car reviews, first impressions and road test reviews for both new and used cars. We have a team of motoring writers from the Guild of Motoring Writers. They will keep you well informed of all you need to know for a particular car, from the price and performance, to the interior and entertainment package.

We pride ourselves in providing in depth expert reviews, including sections on fuel economy (MPG) or miles per charge (MPC), reliability and maintenance, safety and features, comfort and usability. We focus on what is important to you and tell you what you need to know.

Our independent car review process;

  • 1) We choose the car to review, based on the latest market demands.
  • 2) We test drive the vehicle, and use the vehicle as you would in every day to day life. This included refuelling or charging, motorway driving, cornering, accelerating, breaking and much more, including servicing and safety i.e. blind spots.
  • 3) We use as many of the features in the vehicle as possible, this will include the entertainment system, the climate control, electric seat, mirrors and windows, locks, boot, child seats, spare wheels or puncher repair kits. We look at manuals and maintenance guides, we will even check how to fill up the washer fluid. In addition to all this we will look to see what technological features the car has, i.e. satnav, Wi-Fi, internet surfing, games and even smartphone apps.
  • 4) We will give honest feedback on what is good and what is not so good. Always taking into account what you as a consumer would expect from each vehicle.
  • 5) We will look at the design of the vehicle and take into account what is good and what is bad. Maybe we will offer alternative solutions to problems we have found? i.e. what to do if the boot space is very small.
  • 6) We research the market, and can make comparisons to other vehicles that are similar and offer other advantages or disadvantages. Accounting for the market, price, performance and features.
  • 7) We always write openly and honestly about our experiences with the vehicles. We are happy to also take on board any feedback you may have if you Contac Us.
  • 8) All positive and negative aspects of the vehicle will be backed up with tangible examples and explanations of why, how or when these areas came to light.
  • 9) We offer a vehicle rating for all our reviews and offer our unique car rating system.

About our writers

Andrew Merritt-Morling of - With over 10 years’ experience in the world of motoring writing, Andrew has demonstrated his passion for motoring writing and all things automotive with his business interests ranging from newspaper editorials, to MerMor Motor Media and other publications. To more recently the fantastic independent news and review website

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