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What Do We Mean By Eco Cars?

Eco Cars for us are the future.They are essentially green vehicles which range from electric cars, plug-in hybrid electric cars, hybrid cars, hydrogen fuel cell and low CO2 emissions petrol and diesel cars.

A true eco car is economically friendly on the pocket which means you're going to get a lot more MPG or MPE out of that specific vehicle. An eco car has to be kind on the environment too, and that is one of the main factors for us, environmental cleanliness and less pollution being pumped in to our world helping create a sustainable future.

We include conventional petrol and diesel eco-motor vehicles within our categories due to the high fuel economy and low CO2 emissions that they can now produce. We also know that year by year petrol and diesel vehicles will be increasing their economic viability, which is the most cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions within the transport sector.

All green vehicles can be powered by alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies including electric cars, plug-in hybrid electric cars, hybrid cars, hydrogen fuel cell cars, compressed air vehicles, other fuel cell vehicles, natural gas vehicles, clean diesel vehicles, and some sources also include vehicles using blends of biodiesel fuel and gasoline.

Environmental Issues For Non Eco Cars

Unfortunately vehicle emissions contribute to the increasing congestion of gases linked to climate change and pollution. Greenhouse gases associated with road transport include, carbon dioxide, better known as CO2, methanes, better known as CH4 and nitrous oxide known as N2O.

Road transport is the third largest source of greenhouse gasses in the UK and accounts for over 20% of total emissions produced by the UK. In the United States of America this figure is at 33%, unfortunately this figures are not declining, in fact, road transport is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gases.

Health Issues Associated With Non Eco Friendly Cars

Vehicle pollutants have been linked to ill-health in humans, this includes incidences of respiratory disease, cardiopulmonary disease and lung cancer. In 1998 a report was published which stated an estimated 24,000 people die prematurely in the UK each year as a direct result of poor air and the pollutants from it.

The world health organisation says that approximately 13'000 deaths from air pollution were among children aged 0-4 years old across Europe and they go further by saying, if pollution levels were to return to within the EU recommended limit more than 5000 children could be saved each year.

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