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We at EcoCars4Sale are passionate about our customers, cars and the environment. We started our website because when we wanted to buy and sell our electric cars there was no specific sites and the sites we did find charged huge fee's. We are different to the large corporate car websites you may have seen before, how?

Firstly and most importantly, EcoCars4Sale care about our customers and pride ourselves on giving great customer service, secondly....WE DON'T CHARGE YOU TO ADVERTISE YOUR VEHICLE! Yes, that's right, it is completely free to upload your car details and then sell it, and this means that whatever price you sell your vehicle for you keep 100% of money!

We keep our site up to date with the latest in Eco, EV, LPG, Electric and Hybrid car news. You will be up to date with all the latest car releases, and government legislation relating to electric, and eco vehicles. We ensure that we offer our customers a wide range of electric and eco cars available to purchase. Our website is designed to be user friendly, as well as being environmentally friendly. With easy to use interfaces, you are only a click away from finding your next eco car. Remember eco also means economical and that is where you will save money. We have calculated that the average car user will benefit by over twenty thousand pounds, by choosing an eco or electric car over a conventional vehicle.

If you are looking to buy a good first car then we are here to help, feel free to contact us for advice, as we know better than anyone buying your first car can be a daunting experience. Whether you are looking for a car that looks good, or one that is cheap to run. Or even looking for something that is fun and exciting you have come to the right place. Eco cars tend to be excellent first cars for new and young drivers for many reasons.

Reason One- electric, hybrid or hydrogen tend to be extremely fuel efficient and thus very cheap to run. If you are a new driver you won’t need to keep paying out for expensive fuel bills. This also helps the environment and prevents pollution.

Reason Two- some Eco cars are part of the government’s ultra-low emission vehicle scheme and thus can benefit from government incentives including £5000 towards the purchase price.

Reason Three- first cars need to be safe and reliable and look good. Eco-vehicles are ideal as most of them have the latest technology and ultra-modern designs including things such as smartphone apps.

Reason Four- some Eco cars are car tax category A and thus are completely free to tax each year, saving plenty of money for first time drivers. If you are on a budget you may also want to look at our tips of 10 ways to save money on your fuel bills.

Reason Five- eco-cars especially electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are part of the latest design concepts. There will be less money lost when you come to sell your first car as they are likely to have retained more of the purchase value.

Most customers looking for a good first car are looking for something that is a three door hatchback. Due to the nature of eco-cars most of them fall within this category and thus can be ideal candidates.

Recommended excellent first cars;

Nissan leaf- fully electric

BMW I3- fully electric or range extender option

Mitsubishi I-MIEV- electric car

VW e-up- fully electric.

VW Polo- eco-friendly petrol car

If you are not sure what the best first car is for you take your time and do plenty of research. Here you can search cars for sale in your local area.

Also read our frequently asked questions. If you are a young driver we recommend that you take a family member or friend with you when looking at vehicles to help you ask the right questions. Main dealers or dealerships should be favoured as these will give you trusted and sound advice and offer you vehicles that have had strict safety checks. When you’re looking at your budget just remember that some eco-vehicles will save you significant money in the long run, so if you are a students or yet to find full-time employment. Work out your monthly costs taking into account fuel and the amount of mileage you will be driving each day.

A guide to help you find out, a cars running costs follow this link for a car budget calculator.

Our video guide- how to use our search function and find the best first vehicle for you.

Happy shopping!

Your EcoCars4Sale Team

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