Green Cars- low CO2 high efficient, high MPG eco cars

Green cars can be traditional fuel efficient combustion engine petrol or diesel cars, or other fuel types such as hybrid, electric and hydrogen cars. They all mush share something in common, and that is that they are low CO2 emitting vehicles, this means they will not pollute the environment as much as other cars. We classify green cars as tax band A-D or CO2 classification 0-130g/km.

Government Emission Standards

Every single new auto must adhere to strict EU vehicle emission standards for the level of toxins, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter that are emitted from the tail pipe pollution. The Euro IV standard came in on 1 January 2006 for vehicles and was trailed by Euro V in September 2009 and the Euro VI sanction in January 2013 for light-commercial and business vehicles. Used cars will meet previous poorer standards and tend to be less green. In addition to when being manufactured, a vehicle’s emissions will be tested during an MOT test.

Top 10 tips for being greener on the roads

You can be greener on the roads, by taking into account the following points; these points will increase the MPG of your car and improve the fuel efficiency;

1)Avoid driving for short journeys, use alternatives i.e. cycle or walk.

2)Maintain your vehicle through servicing and ensure tyres are fully inflated.

3)Do not carry excess weight and baggage on your vehicle.

4)Drive carefully, coast instead of breaking when possible. Turn smoothly, and accelerate slowly. Keep revs of the car low, to around 2000 RPM.

5)Speed; drive at around 50mph (80 kph) where possible.

6)Switch off the engine when stationary, many new cars have an eco-mode where the engine stop starts automatically. Ensure this option is turned on.

7)Air conditioning will use lots of fuel; regulate the car temperature by opening windows slightly. Avoid fully open windows as this will cause air resistance.

8)Car share, with friends, family and work colleagues.

9)Investigate options of alternative cars, such as electric or hybrid.

Green Fleets for Businesses

The Energy Saving Trust can audit a business that has a fleet of over 50 vehicles and see where the company can be greener with their cars and vans. Keeping these vehicles well maintained/serviced and training their drivers on green driving techniques, as well as looking at the logistics maximising efficiency can save a business significant money. Furthermore investing in alternative fuelled vehicles also can benefit fleet owners through the tax benefits available. If a business offers free or financed transportation methods, ie bus travel to employees there are further tax benefits available,

Sourcing cleaner greener vehicles for businesses

In the UK 2 million new vehicles and 8 million pre-used autos are sold yearly. 1.2 million of the new autos sold are to business fleets. At the point when purchasing a car for home or work consider picking the choice with the best environmental impact, as these will also give you the best financial benefits through the vehicle taxation and tax bandings.

Buying New Cars

Diesel and petrol vehicles dominate new vehicle sales, however gas (e.g. LPG), biofuel and half and half vehicles are additionally accessible. Diesels transmit less CO2 than petrol vehicles through better fuel efficiencies. Hybrid cars and others form of electric cars give the greatest advantage especially if your journey includes lots of urban driving. You can check the carbon dioxide discharges and fuel utilization of new cars in the VCA data guide.

Cleaner Green Car To 5 Tips

1)Downsize - a smaller car will spare you cash and produce less CO2.

2)Think fuel – if a large portion of your driving is on motorways and main roads a diesel car could offer the most minimal CO2 discharges. In the event that the greater part of your driving is urban a petrol, or better still a hybrid, or electric car will be best suited.

3)Check the figures – in case you're after another new vehicle, or buying a used car registered after March 2001, check the VED database for its CO2 discharges and Euro standard. Go for a low CO2 figure and a Euro IV rating. Also consider, Euro V and VI for business vehicles.

4)Look at the history – when looking for a used vehicle search for one with a decent service history to guarantee it has been well maintained.

5)Look to the future – business that meets the Euro VI standard will begin showing up in the market from 2015. More and more alternative fuelled vehicles will be available, don’t hang on to old technology and be caught out.

To find green cars for sale follow the link, find more information on green car fuel types here.

Important contacts

Office for Low Emissions Vehicles

Campaign for Better Transport
Tel: 020 7566 6480

Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership
Tel: 020 7304 6880

Environmental Transport Association
Tel: 0845 389 1010

Published on Nov 5, 2014

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