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The first deliveries of the BMW i3 in Europe took place at an official launch ceremony in Munich on 15 November 2013. Three months later BMW reported it had over 11,000 formal orders worldwide. As of September 2014 along with the US, Germany, Norway and the UK were the top selling markets. By the end of 2014 total sales were approaching 20,000 units, of which around 1500 were registered in Europe. In Europe the i3 took around 18% of the market in 2014, making the i3 the third best seller all electric vehicle after the Nissan Leaf and Tesla model S.

BMW now believes the UK accounts for around 10% of global i3 sales, with more than 1000 vehicles sold in the UK in 2014. Improved infrastructure of charging networks, and greater awareness being the key driving force behind the sales.BMW offer a range extender version, where a small petrol engine is used to generate electricity to recharge the vehicle. BMW believe that the range extender version accounts for around 60% of new vehicle sales, however in some areas this can be as high as 80% this may possibly relate to more rural areas. It is believed that the pure electric version will play catch up as fears and range anxiety fade away in the future.

Consumers looking to buy an electric vehicle far more demanding, as an EV is a significant change from a conventional vehicle, consumers are demanding more in-depth information from dealers. BMW reports that over 50% of their customers are taking advantage of the ChargeNow program, giving the drivers access to charge points across the UK.

Whether or not you would like to lease the BMW i3, BMW financial services offer a range of flexible finance options. The BMW personal lease allows drivers to have fixed monthly payments with no worries for future depreciation. Providing the vehicle is in good condition, and within the agreed mileage limits, there will be nothing to pay at the end of the finance period. On a typical i3 after putting down just under £3000 you would be fixed to a 36 month agreement with repayments around £370 per calendar month. If you were looking to buy a used BMW i3 there is far more in the range of flexibility with regards to finance packages on offer.

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