Why buy Hydrogen Fuel Powered Vehicles? All the advantages.

Hydrogen Powered Cars

Why buy hydrogen powered fuel cell cars?

Hydrogen powered cars are very similar to electric cars, the hydrogen car dispenses hydrogen into a fuel cell which works to generate electrical energy and battery power. Fuel cell vehicles are very clean and produce very little pollution and CO2 emissions, the main by product is heat and water. As a result these vehicles are much cheaper to run, as their fuel efficiency is far greater than that from petrol and diesel fuel types. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will work similar to a hybrid electric car, whereby you will get great mpg without having to worry about range, as similar to hybrid cars you will simply fill up with Hydrogen at the pumps.

How do hydrogen fuel cell cars work?

The hydrogen fuel cell works in harmony with a battery powered drivetrain, the principal is that the fuel cell electro chemical reaction is used to produce the electricity for the battery pack. Fuel cell cars are able to achieve much higher conversion efficiencies than the traditional combustion engine; these new fuel cell engines make use of around 22% more of the fuels energy than that of a petrol or diesel combustion engine.

Hydrogen is pumped into vehicle, the gas then goes to the carbon-fiber fuel tanks where it is stored. Then the outside air comes through the air intakes and ends up in the fuel cell stack. This then creates electricity by the hydrogen and oxygen in the air going through a chemical reaction to create the electricity which then goes to the battery to power the vehicle.

More Reasons Why To Buy A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car?

Hydrogen fuelled vehicles have less emissions with reduced carbon dioxide and methane emitted. They also predicted that there will be a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of up to 60%, compared to a combustion engine vehicle. This will be the case if non-renewable energy is used, however hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be more energy efficient than all conventional vehicles. This will be due to electric powered drivetrains and the start stop technologies in which these cars will have.

A hydrogen car like the Toyota Mirai will be road tax exempt in the UK, and if you travel or live in London, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be congestion charge free this could save you a potential £2000 per year.

The predicted running costs for hydrogen fuel cell cars are not known at this point, however when we look at when LPG was launched, it was half the price of petrol and diesel. So with this in mind and using this as a guidance we at ecocars4sale predict that the hydrogen fuel cell car will be half that of the price other petrol or diesel cars to run. We will keep you up to date on all the latest hydrogen fuel cell related news.

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Hydrogen Cars Why Buy Hydrogen Powered Vehicles