Skoda's New Eco Supermini Teaser

Skoda's New Supermini Teaser

2014-06-05 13:18:39

Skoda tease us with sketch of new Fabia supermini

The starting pistol has been fired to indicate the run-up to the launch of Skoda’s new Fabia supermini with the official release of a sketch of the new car. It will be looking to take on the establishment of Ford’s Fiesta, Volkswagen’s Polo and SEAT Ibiza, but also new blood like Mazda’s forthcoming Mazda2. In its quest to overturn them and lead the supermini sales charts, it will deploy the latest 3- and 4-cylinder engines, boast an all-new interior and offer a raft of personalisation options in a bid to make each car unique.

The official sketch provided by the company is all we currently have to go on. Whilst it is not giving too much away, it is clear that it will not be taking too many chances with its new car. The grille and bonnet are familiar to the car of today whilst the rising rear window-line and pronounced door crease are lifted straight from the Vision C coupe concept that was unveiled earlier this year.

In addition to the single pic, Skoda have also confirmed that the new Fabia is 90mm wider and 30mm lower than the hatch it will replace. This means out goes today’s relatively dumpy look and in should come a more sleeker silhouette. The wheelbase is likely to have been stretched slightly – perhaps near towards 2,500mm – in a bid to offer increased cabin space.

The new Fabia will sit on the Volkswagen Group’s acclaimed MQB platform which started its life as the basis for the latest Golf. Under the bonnet will be a range of front-mounted transverse engines and front wheel drive. These are almost certainly likely to include the 1.0-litre 3-cylinder petrol unit that is currently used in the face-lifted Polo and will bring bother performance and economy benefits. This will replace the old 1.2-litre. At the other extreme will be a 189bhp, twin-turbocharged 1.4-litre that will be used in the hot vRS version.

The VW Group parts-bin will also be able to be utilised to help create a set of standardised and interchangeable parts. All-in-all, these developments will mean the new Fabia should be able to reduce its weight and offer more gadgets.

The new Fabia is scheduled to make its official debut at the Paris Motor Show in October before going on sale early next year. The current car starts from £9,945 and we expect that this price will increase a little.

Andrew Merritt-Morling


Associate Member of the Guild of Motoring Writers