Why buy Hybrid Vehicles, what are the advantages.

Hybrid Cars Explained

In brief a hybrid car is a vehicle which is also known as a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV ), they are powered by two main components, one of these components is an internal combustion engine running from petrol & diesel and the second is one or more electric motors. With most hybrid cars the engine works as a generator to charge the batteries, the batteries then produce a source of power to move the electric motors which then power the drivetrain. You can also get a plug-in hybrid car, where you also have the ability to plug-in your car to charge your battery, which in our eyes is the better option. Don't get us wrong we like both types of hybrid vehicles.

Why Buy A Hybrid Car?

There are many benefits to owning a hybrid vehicle, one of the most often talked about is the environmental advantages. As most of these hybrid vehicles have reduced emissions such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.These vehicles also have much lower fuel consumption compared to the conventional combustion engine. Hybrid cars generally have further advanced technology on board, from electric motors to battery packs. Something else that does save your fuel is the start-stop technologies built into these cars. Most Hybrid cars have smartphone apps whereby you can control you on-board heating, climate control before you even get in the car.

It is a well-known fact that hybrid vehicle saves the owner of the vehicle money compared to using a pure combustion engine car. Some of these vehicles like the BMW i3 range extender can achieve up to 400 miles to the gallon, that works out as a cost of £0.01 per mile. It is also the same with the Vauxhall Ampera and Chevrolet volt which can produce up to 235 miles to the gallon at a cost of 2p per mile. The Audi A3 e-tron which can achieve 176 miles to the gallon, that is a cost of £0.03 per mile. The Volvo V 60 can achieve 155 miles to the gallon with a cost of £0.03 per mile. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV can produce 148 miles to the gallon, at a cost of £0.04 per mile which is staggering for a 4x4. The BMW i8 which can achieve 134 miles to the gallon, at a cost of £0.04 per mile, again this is staggering for a sports car. The world's bestselling hybrid car the Toyota Prius plug-in this can achieve 134 miles to the gallon, with a cost of £0.04 per mile. For any more top hybrid cars see our top ten hybrid cars page.

As we have already spoke about how owning hybrid car you can reduce your emissions, with cars like the BMW i3 range extender that has CO2 emissions are as low as 13 g/KM so this is significant way of help in our planet by reducing pollution.

As you can see that some hybrid cars are also plug-in hybrid cars, for us these are the better option as they further reduce your dependence of expensive oil based petroleum, and give you the ability to use renewable green energy such as Sola PV to charge your car.

So why buy a plug-in hybrid vehicle? Well it's simple all you've got to do is look at the stats for hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles, whether it’s the BMW i3 or the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV you will achieve significant financial savings while also benefiting the planet by using one of these vehicles.

These hybrid vehicles are also London congestion charge free, which has the potential to save you up to £2000 per annum. Also with plug-in and hybrid electric cars if brought new, you can also get an extra £5000 off of the ticket price on the forecourt, by taking advantage of the government electric and hybrid car grant.

So there are some great things there to think about however, another benefit which many people don't talk about is the instant torque that you get with these cars. This is due to most of them being powered by a lithium iron battery packs connected to the electric motors, which makes your acceleration instant. When you drive 0-30 mph you generally feel that you are in some sort of sports car, and then you look around and you're not you are in your family saloon. The secret of the success in many of the hybrid vehicles available, is that the electric motors deliver the maximum torque instantaneously.

So why not go down to local hybrid car dealer and get that wallet out, to then save money to put back in it again.

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