What Eco-Cars.Net Have Been Up To On The Island Of Orkney!

2014-07-21 11:19:54

Are electric cars really Clean ?

Many people argue (Clarkson included !) that the electricity used in EV's (Electric Vehicles) is from dirty coal or Gas fired power stations.

Whist this is a huge discussion ( the energy required to make petrol and diesel uses a LOT of electricity !) there is one corner of the UK that is leading the alternative.

Orkney is around 30 miles north of John O Groats and eco cars moved there in November 2013 to promote EV's.

These beautiful ancient islands where the first settlers to the UK set up home around 5000 years ago at places such as skara brae as they saw huge potential.

Today 5000 years on, huge potential is seen due to strong tidal currents and strong winds (thanks to the jet stream) which has given rise to a renewable power industry setting up many R & D business on Orkney.

Last year 110% of its own green electricity was produced with tide and wind power.

With the island measuring around 30 miles by 20 miles , EV's are the best way of getting around for islanders and visitors alike.

Orkney drivers have seen the benefits and have purchased or leased new and used EV's and quite a number of owners have their own PV panels and wind turbines ,so they make their own fuel (and get paid for doing so with the FIT payments !)

With eco cars fast becoming know as the Electric Vehicle dealers on Orkney the future is looking good for renewables and clean air on this beautiful island.

We are still based in leicestershire too , and supply to all of the UK and Ireland.

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