The New Audi A7 H-TRON To Hit A Showroom Near You Soon

The New Audi A7 H-TRON To Hit A Showroom Near You Soon

2014-11-24 16:09:53

It has been reported at the Los Angeles Auto Show that Audi are going to be covering all their bases by using Hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Audi have been pushing the bounders of resent times with their first launch of the Audi A3 Plug-In Sportback E-Tron, and as of next year they are looking to launch the Audi A7 H-Tron.

This newer concept is going to be started with Audi's executive A7 sportback model, but instead of their normally driven fuel types, this H-Tron A7 car comes packed with a hydrogen fuel cell combined with a plug-in hybrid system.

Audi spoke out by stating that it's H-Tron will be of an "outstanding speed and performance, with a hydrogen-only range of more than 300 miles. A unique and capable new electric Quattro AWD system which makes its debut and it should give the A7 H-Tron a level of handling which has never been seen on a hydrogen car before."

When we look at the 300 hydrogen mile range, it could definitely be a winner with company's and families alike. With a top speed of 111 mph and enough power (227bhp) to get you 0-62 mph in 7.9 seconds, that’s enough to get you to the shops or to your next meeting isn't it?

No matter what people think about electric or hydrogen fuelling their next cars, what we do know is that the car has, and will change even more!

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