More joined up fuel strategy needed

More joined up fuel strategy needed

2015-03-31 18:13:16

  • Abolishing individual fuel strategies and instead developing an integrated fuels strategy spanning all fuel alternatives;
  • The introduction of an incentive scheme that will encourage the removal of the most polluting vehicles on the road – potentially converting them to run on LPG autogas;
  • Reviewing wider incentives for road fuels by local authorities and the Mayor of London as well as ensuring that government departments are included in greater consultation; and
  • Promoting air pollution to the same status as that afforded to tackling climate change.

Linda Gomersall, general manager of Autogas Limited, who commissioned the report, told EcoCars4Sale: “A proper integrated fuels strategy, which includes LPG, is essential to help the UK tackle its growing air quality and carbon emissions problems. This new document is a result of extensive consultation and set out some very clear, yet incredibly simple ways in which Government could help the industry address these critical environmental and health issues.”

Autogas claims that LPG-powered vehicles emit significantly fewer harmful pollutants such as CO2, NOx and particulate matter than both traditional petrol and diesel – thereby making them must less harmful to the environment.

It also says that the benefits of LPG is already recognised by the lower fuel duty which it attracts, meaning that those who opt to convert their vehicle to LPG can typically reduce their fuel bills by up to 40%. LPG costs around 61.6 pence per litre compared to 107.6 per litre for unleaded petrol.

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