Porsche to make electric super car in a €700m project

2015-12-14 12:08:46

Porsche to make a Super Electric Car!

Electric powered cars have gained popularity in recent times. Many automobile and sports car assemblers have turned their attention to electric vehicles as the technology has become more accessible in the recent past. There are several reasons why people are progressively turning to electric cars but, one of their biggest calls is their benefit to the environment. Apart from the environmental benefits, electric cars are also much more cost effective to run.

During the 80s, manufacturers around the world became more and more concerned about the effects of CO2 discharge and overall car pollution to the environment. With the mounting fuel problems, it has become essential for people to use better forms of energy to drive their cars. Electric cars are well thought-out as green cars. Maintenance costs and needs are also less of a chore, because, electric cars are generally simpler than fuel cars. This is because of the electric car motor engine have far fewer moving parts to wear out than a gasoline engine.

Porsche has become one of the few manufacturers to comply with the new environmental regulations. Porsche has marked a new era in mechanical supercharging technology and introduced numerous groundbreaking designs and engineering concepts, such as the Porsche Mission E that can be recharged from any external source of electricity.

Porsche Mission E power source is the battery, which acts as the petrol tank. They get power from the rechargeable batteries mounted inside the car. Porsche Mission E looks exactly like other normal vehicles on the outside but, lack the very unfriendly exhaust system. After the German car making company highlighted its first electric car, it was given the green light for production of the car at its main assembly plant.

How quick is the Porsche electric car?

Most electric vehicles currently on the roads are charged through cables. Nevertheless, charging of vehicles wirelessly is becoming more and more feasible. The all-electric Porsche Mission E marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the sports car. The German sports car manufacturer began the real testing of its wireless charging system and boasts that the four-door Mission E can be charged wirelessly where coils are entrenched into the floor. Electric cars are significantly more efficient; The Mission E concept is a four-door sports car four-seat model that features a 600 horsepower, allowing for a 0 to 62 mph time of less than 3.5 seconds which would challenge that of Tesla.

Another benefit of the powerful electric drive system is the fact that this car can cover 310 miles when fully charged; which is quite an amazing electric rang. It also features a very powerful, 800-volt onboard charger that can recharge the battery pack to 80 percent capacity in 15 minutes when plugged into a DC fast-charging station. The Mission E styled more like a sports car power, comes from two electric motors, one mounted up front acting on the front axle and one at the rear providing drive to the rear wheels.

The workability aspect of Porsche electric car is very interesting. It weighs in at 2000kg and will proffer features such as the eye tracking, where the driver activates the feature by looking at the option of preference, then pressing a steering-wheel-mounted button. The car also features a gesture control technology for the operation of the car’s major functions such as the entertainment systems, while the cameras provide a fine display at the bottom corners of the windshield replace side-view mirrors. The sports car Porsche Mission E boast of a low centre of gravity due to a liquid-cooled battery mounted as low as possible in the floor. The floor plan is made from aluminium, high-strength steel and carbon fibre reinforced plastic.

Porsche electric motors have demonstrated that there is no reason at all why electric motors and batteries cannot power racy sports cars. This is surely great news for the speed cars enthusiasts. With the first all-electric sports car now being produced , the German company now joins the expanding ranks of global automakers offering all electric vehicles having the capability of reducing CO2 emissions. There are pros and cons that come with the ownership of an electric vehicle but, certainly the pros outweigh the cons by far and it is better to consider both before deciding on a Porsche electric vehicle of choice.

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