Tesla Model 3: Release Date, Specs and the Future of Tesla Inc.

2016-04-19 17:37:19

It’s finally here; the news that probably every car enthusiast has eagerly been waiting for the Tesla Model 3. The big announcement by Tesla’s CEO has made headlines on Twitter. Recently, Elon Musk, Tesla Inc. CEO, confirmed that the giant auto maker was designing Tesla Model 3, an electric vehicle that is set to be the game changer of the auto industry. In addition, he confirmed that the firm has already received over 400,000 orders of Tesla Model 3 despite the release date of this electric car set to in the late 2017. This is a very big order that just goes to show how the market responded well to this new car.

Tesla Model 3 Specs

The range for the Tesla Model 3 will have a range minimum of 215 miles, thanks to its battery pack of 80kWh. Tesla Inc. confirmed this claim to EcoCars4Sale, saying that the electric vehicle, EV, could cover the distance till its next recharge exercise. The EV is now not just suited for town dwellers, this new electric car has now the got the range to compete with a normal car as most do not cover more than 200 miles in a day. This makes Model 3 a convenient car for short and long trips with the Tesla Supercharging Stations which are about to double in the next couple of years.

Acceleration- Tesla model 3 has a very impressive acceleration ability; In under 6 seconds, Tesla Model 3 with single motors could make a 0-60 mph. This increases the car’s efficiency and performance, making it a better EV than those in the market currently. Elon Musk also confirmed that much faster Model 3 EV, with dual motors, would be manufactured by the time of release to the market.

Superchargers- All Model 3 are set to come with high speed superchargers. This supports the car’s performance in that with good battery power, drivers can cover a good distance before the next recharge. By the end of 2017, Tesla Inc. plans to increase the number of superchargers to 7200, double the number available in different parts of the world. They will be strategically located near restaurants, cafes, shopping mall and petrol stations that will be in collaboration with Tesla Inc.

Autopilot Hardware- This is a forward looking radar with front facing camera that is easy to execute meant to help in navigation. It uses a GPRS system and ultrasonic sensors that ensure the EV stays on the road. However, the driver’s input is required when negotiating corners and the interpretation of traffic lights and signs. It helps in getting rid of poor driving thanks to the Ludicrous Mode which works hand in hand with an obscene 2.7-second-to-highway-speed acceleration.

Safety- According to independent tests done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in US, Model 3 was found to be a safe EV hence a five star safety rating. Tesla’s safety ratings are accredited to the efficiency and ease of use of the Autopilot feature that greatly reduce the possibility of accidents caused by bad driving. In addition, there are different driving modes meant to suit every weather. It is very rare for EVs in the US or UK to get a five start rating, but with Tesla Model 3, safety concerns have been to rest after this testing.

How Much Would Tesla Model 3 Cost?

Tesla’s CEO confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg in February, Model 3 would cost around $35,000 or £35,000. This is before taxes and credits asked by the federal government. “This is the most reasonable price an EV would have in the current auto market”, Elon Musk confirmed. He is also confident that deliveries of the EV would begin towards the start of 2018.

With the ongoing pre-orders, Tesla lovers only have to deposit $1000 or £1000 with Tesla Inc. Preorders can be made from the US, UK, Europe, China, India, Brazil and New Zealand. However, for those who would prefer a car with greater performance and functionality, the price is set to accelerate quickly depending on the convenience features added to the EV. Some of the preferred convenience features include an Autopilot cruise control and the ability of the EV to self-park.

Comparison with other EVs

Tesla Model 3 is set to the first full EV to compete with other cheap internal combustion vehicles such as BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes Benz C Class. This is an effort to march their performance, efficiency, comfort and handling, since this is what most vehicle lovers examine in the first place. However, the EV industry is an increasingly competitive field and so by 2017, Tesla Model 3 hopes to defy all expectations by achieving success in the auto industry hence become the game changer in the long run.

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