BMW may be ready to release the possible new i5 as soon as 2016-2017

2015-12-01 18:38:51

Great news for all the BMWi fans out there because we have the latest news that BMW might look to release yet another ‘i’ series to join it's ‘i’ arrange the BMW i8 and BMW i3.

We think that with next year being BMW's 100th anniversary the German manufacturer may wish to release a standout electrichybrid car to carry on and assist with this amazing achievement.

From what has already been spoken about the likelihood of the i5 being a sedan is a very high or it could be an stretched i3. Furthermore we expect this new I series to rival the up-and-coming Tesla Model 3 which is expected to start at around £35,000 and will be able to travel up to 250 miles on one single charge.

As BMW have been at the forefront of the electric and hybrid car market Tesla may have a fight on its hands as we may see for the first time another electric car challenge that amazing distance per battery charge in which Tesla produces.

As and when we hear more we will keep you updated on all the latest news right here at EcoCars4Sale.

Reported By

Lorna Saunders

Guest Editor