Bentley Challenge Tesla To Be King Of The Luxury Long Range Electric Car

2016-02-16 18:07:12

Just like any other automotive firm out there, Bentley is also feeling the environmental pressure taking over the auto industry; moving from diesel or petrol engines to electric engines. Moreover, different nations in the world especially the US and the UK have been putting up regulations pushing for greener power trains to automakers.

The British car maker is working on an intensive program to come up with greener engines to its version of cars bringing rival to other auto makers like Tesla. Bentley recently introduced a twin-turbo V-8 engine SUV to its line-up. This is an alternative to the V-12 engine it intended to add Continental GT, a plug-in hybrid car it will launch later on in the year.

Bentley will launch its all electric car in 2017. According to Rolf Frech, Bentley's chief engineer, the firm is keen on introducing a SUV version of electric car. It is set to still be luxurious and of high performance more than the normal petrol engine vehicles. This statement was affirmed by Drive magazine.

Frech went ahead to ascertain that Bentley is thinking about making an electric car although the firm is not clear when they intend on launching the electric car although it is speculated that it will not be later than 2017. However, other giant automakers such as Roll Royce confirmed that they will not be producing any electric car since their customers are not interested in such technology.

The need to move to electric cars has been facilitated by the following; First, Bentley being a member of Volkswagen Group needs to produce electric batteries to use in its electric cars because Volkswagen is currently facing a diesel emission scandal. This has made the giant auto maker to invest heavily in developing an electric car and Bentley is set to benefit from this development.

Secondly, Bentley intends to borrow Porsche Mission E example that was launched in 2015 in order to come up with an electric car purely designed by Bentley, according to the firm's chief engineer. Porsche's Mission E concepts is seen to be the next big thing in the automotive industry as the project intends to come up with an electric car with an output of around 600 horsepower. The car will have a 15 minute charging capable of sustaining the car to a range of 200 miles.

It is important to note that Porsche and Bentley are working under parent name, the VW Group. This will be easier for Bentley as it will borrow much of the hardware, electric motors and batteries from Porsche. Porsche project has been named the Tesla Killer indicating that there will be a face off between the two giant automakers.

Moreover, the electric car is said to be fully powered by an advanced lithium ion battery. The battery will be located on the car's floor in order to ensure that the batteries weight is distributed equally while also maintaining the car's efficiency and power. The inductive charging technology used to re-power the battery will be unique. To re-power the battery both at home or at a designated public base plate, a user will simply plug in its charger and the battery automatically re-powers.

Bentley is currently working on a new model to its lineup. It is the next generation Continental GT that will have a plug-in hybrid option once the redesign is completed. Additionally, Bentley intends to incorporate the plug in hybrid option to other model of cars it makes while also being committed to adding a diesel engine to them despite the scandal facing the parent company, Volkswagen.

However, Bentley is hopeful in its efforts to increase the acceptance of the plug in technology to its customers. Inside information from the VW Group says that there are ongoing plans to educate and encourage consumers to accept the changes that hybrid cars will bring to the automotive industry. The group encourages the use of the charging feature on a regular basis.

The fact that Bentley is releasing a hybrid SUV thanks to the support it is getting from the parent company, VW Group, is a clear indication that the company is working towards making eco-friendly technology. In addition, it is a clear indication that electric technology can be incorporated and put to use in any automaker's luxurious models.

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